Sunday Morning with a Cold Nose

wp-image-242932423jpg.jpgSunday Morning with a Cold Nose

It’s 7 a.m. my nose is numb but the rest of my body is cozy snuggled down in my sleeping bag. We have been in a tent for over a week now waiting for my husband to finish up the Sugar Beet Harvest in North Dakota. I wanted to bring the boys down to Park City, Kentucky for a Nomadic Homeschoolers rally. We are really grateful we made the trip in the rental car, because the Sugar Beet Harvest extended beyond the normal time frame and TJ still needs to take the rig to get fixed. The repair should only take 3 days and he’ll do that in Elkhart, Indiana.

It’s Sunday morning 7 a.m. and I needed to use the restroom so I re positioned my snuggle buddy, fb_img_1474817484916Harley my Boston Terrier, down in the sleeping bag, put on my Uggs and headed to the RV Park Restroom.  Upon my return, I grabbed my coffee pot and filled it up with water from my neighbor’s (The Burrell’s) outdoor kitchen. While my coffee was brewing, I took the dog out for a short walk.  Someone neglected to pick up their dogs poop which was spread over a 7 foot span. They probably didn’t realize that their dog was going so they didn’t stop to pick it up, yes, I am giving them the benefit of the doubt.  Luckily, I didn’t step in it and I picked it up because it was in front of the Perry’s rig and I didn’t want any of them to step in it.  Harley did her business, I picked it up, and then she quickly snuggled back down into the sleeping bag.

My coffee was almost ready as I started up my computer. I was able to set up a table and chairs, plug into electricity, and be able to have all of the luxuries that we would have in our rig; aside from a bathroom, running water, and my own bed! Haha! I went through some emails, found a video of an interview of Marie Forleo and Seth Godin and played that while I looked through some of my spreadsheets regarding Chicks Connect membership. I had a busy morning and was able to make it down to the showers about quarter to ten. That’s when I decided to start my personal blog again. The main reason for writing again is to keep track of what I’m doing and if it interests someone else to read it, then so be it. I believe the Burrell’s are ready to do the outdoor church service and so I’m going to head up there right now after I brush my teeth.

20161023_103835Last week’s sermon was really great. I’ll see if I can find a link and post it. They stream an online church out of California. They didn’t stream the same service this week because more of the traveling families arrived so they held their own service as a big group. One of the families has produced their own songs. You can see their website here. Trent and Siobhan.

You may notice that we aren’t pictured in the big circle. We were enjoying the service from our tent. I think I should write an entire Blog post on my feelings of being a Newbie in the Church Space. I am very spiritual. I believe in God. I love the LOVE but I haven’t read and memorized the Bible, I haven’t attended a church of any type for any extended period of time, and I feel like I am putting on a pair of pants that don’t quite fit. Uncomfortable. The language doesn’t flow easily from my mouth. I feel like I don’t know all of the rules. I feel as though I am going to mess up and be figured out. Weird. I have so much love and I appreciate the stories of Jesus when they talk about him loving All People. That part is easy for me to grasp and follow. I can easily find my fellowship in the rooms of AA. I am open. I am willing. I will ease into it and continue to be curious of my comfort level without judgement. The Church Blog will come at a later date. I would love comments if any of you have ever felt this way about any type of group. I seem to be all over the board this morning but I have a lot I want to say so I guess I will continue again tomorrow or perhaps later on today! Much love to all of you! Check out my Fanpage below to see all of the great photos! xoxo Jewels

We have had a busy week with the Kentucky Unit Study and the Teen and Almost Teen activities. You can see many photos by checking out my Facebook Fanpage Jewels Muller

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