Leaf Verde RV Resort, Buckeye, Arizona

I am mainly writing this blog so we can remember the RV park that allowed people under 55 years old. We called numerous parks in the Phoenix area and finally found this one. 

They have a nice pool although we didn’t use it. They have brand new Pickleball courts which we did use almost daily. The dog park area is great and Harley had a lot of fun there. They have a ton of activities going on but we were so busy we didn’t participate. We were able to put our side deck down but not our back deck. The majority of the sites are pull through and you share a common space. The sites are 50 amp and a bit natrow. Bathrooms are new and clean. Club house is really nice. Outdoor common area with picnic tables and a swinging chair. 

It takes about 30 minutes to get to Phoenix. A Walmart is only 5 minutes away. Verizon and Sprint both work well. 

This park was out of our system so we did have to pay for it. Water tasted funny. Hard water. They have a machine to get water for big jugs. Laundry room was nice and big. 

We would come back to this park. Everyone was very friendly as well. 

I spent quite a few days visiting the Arizona Chapter of Chicks Connect. We did visit our traveling friends, The Perry’s, at Usery Mountain. We went for a great hike and spotted a huge Rattle Snake. 


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The Mace Family – Simplifying Their Lives To Recapture Joy

mace2The Mace Family – Simplifying Their Lives To Recapture Joy

The Mace Family Blog is the first of a series of articles about featured families that Jewels Muller meets while traveling.

The big “Why”

The primary reason that we feel led to live this lifestyle comes from our desire to simplify our lives. Our previous lives were full of activities and events, and even though each one of those things had a good “purpose”, their collective dominance left us exhausted and stressed. We realized that we needed to take a break and reconnect as a family, while we still had time. We want to recapture the joy of being a family.


Josh and Sarah Mace
Savannah (14) and Eli (10)
Launched from Columbia, South Carolina, United States


It was challenging to make this transition, both logistically and emotionally. We wanted to be sure that this was the right path for our family. We did about a year of research. We looked at hundreds of RVs, different kinds of trucks, and even communicating with other people living this lifestyle. We sold the house that we loved and went from 2,800 sq ft to less than 300 sq ft of living space. We also had to learn how to use, maintain, and transport our new home on wheels. Then, I lost my job the same week we closed on the house! Finally we had to travel to Texas to establish residency while I searched for a new job. Looking back it seems crazy to think about, but it was all worth it. mace6

Memorable Stories

My favorite memories are small things, like sitting at our picnic table playing a board game… and meeting up with our friends from Nomadic Homeschoolers and all the memories that those experiences create are what sustain us in this lifestyle. However, not every memorable story is from a fun experience… three words: Black Water Tank. 🙁

mace7How we make money on the road

Our income comes from my job as an Interface Designer, which is way more fun than it sounds. As long as I have internet access, I can work.

Please follow the Mace Family on their Instagram Account

Sunday Morning with a Cold Nose

wp-image-242932423jpg.jpgSunday Morning with a Cold Nose

It’s 7 a.m. my nose is numb but the rest of my body is cozy snuggled down in my sleeping bag. We have been in a tent for over a week now waiting for my husband to finish up the Sugar Beet Harvest in North Dakota. I wanted to bring the boys down to Park City, Kentucky for a Nomadic Homeschoolers rally. We are really grateful we made the trip in the rental car, because the Sugar Beet Harvest extended beyond the normal time frame and TJ still needs to take the rig to get fixed. The repair should only take 3 days and he’ll do that in Elkhart, Indiana.

It’s Sunday morning 7 a.m. and I needed to use the restroom so I re positioned my snuggle buddy, fb_img_1474817484916Harley my Boston Terrier, down in the sleeping bag, put on my Uggs and headed to the RV Park Restroom.  Upon my return, I grabbed my coffee pot and filled it up with water from my neighbor’s (The Burrell’s) outdoor kitchen. While my coffee was brewing, I took the dog out for a short walk.  Someone neglected to pick up their dogs poop which was spread over a 7 foot span. They probably didn’t realize that their dog was going so they didn’t stop to pick it up, yes, I am giving them the benefit of the doubt.  Luckily, I didn’t step in it and I picked it up because it was in front of the Perry’s rig and I didn’t want any of them to step in it.  Harley did her business, I picked it up, and then she quickly snuggled back down into the sleeping bag.

My coffee was almost ready as I started up my computer. I was able to set up a table and chairs, plug into electricity, and be able to have all of the luxuries that we would have in our rig; aside from a bathroom, running water, and my own bed! Haha! I went through some emails, found a video of an interview of Marie Forleo and Seth Godin and played that while I looked through some of my spreadsheets regarding Chicks Connect membership. I had a busy morning and was able to make it down to the showers about quarter to ten. That’s when I decided to start my personal blog again. The main reason for writing again is to keep track of what I’m doing and if it interests someone else to read it, then so be it. I believe the Burrell’s are ready to do the outdoor church service and so I’m going to head up there right now after I brush my teeth.

20161023_103835Last week’s sermon was really great. I’ll see if I can find a link and post it. They stream an online church out of California. They didn’t stream the same service this week because more of the traveling families arrived so they held their own service as a big group. One of the families has produced their own songs. You can see their website here. Trent and Siobhan.

You may notice that we aren’t pictured in the big circle. We were enjoying the service from our tent. I think I should write an entire Blog post on my feelings of being a Newbie in the Church Space. I am very spiritual. I believe in God. I love the LOVE but I haven’t read and memorized the Bible, I haven’t attended a church of any type for any extended period of time, and I feel like I am putting on a pair of pants that don’t quite fit. Uncomfortable. The language doesn’t flow easily from my mouth. I feel like I don’t know all of the rules. I feel as though I am going to mess up and be figured out. Weird. I have so much love and I appreciate the stories of Jesus when they talk about him loving All People. That part is easy for me to grasp and follow. I can easily find my fellowship in the rooms of AA. I am open. I am willing. I will ease into it and continue to be curious of my comfort level without judgement. The Church Blog will come at a later date. I would love comments if any of you have ever felt this way about any type of group. I seem to be all over the board this morning but I have a lot I want to say so I guess I will continue again tomorrow or perhaps later on today! Much love to all of you! Check out my Fanpage below to see all of the great photos! xoxo Jewels

We have had a busy week with the Kentucky Unit Study and the Teen and Almost Teen activities. You can see many photos by checking out my Facebook Fanpage Jewels Muller

Escape at the Airport

I booked two separate tickets in order to get from Grafton, North Dakota to Baltimore, Maryland. I finished up the first part of the flight by 7:30am from Thief River Falls to Minneapolis. I don’t fly again until 4:30pm. The check out guys at Thief River Falls told me about the ESCAPE Room at the Minneapolis Airport. This is where I am right now. 

I forgot to mention that the first leg of my flight was on an airplane that seats 8. No, I didn’t forget the 0! I was last to board and was in the front seat which faces the other 6 seats, you can imagine the size of this plane. It felt like a Minivan with wings. I was in charge of the in flight food and drinks, which were housed in the drawers right behind my seat. I felt right at home, remembering our first rig that didn’t have slide outs and was 33 feet long. Our rig now is definitely bigger than this airplane. 

The flight crew, a boy girl pair, reminding me somewhat of Doogie Howser, did an amazing job flying this plane and it was one of the smoothest landings that I can remember. After my drink and snack duties, I spent some time making up stories for all of the passengers, should we crash and I be the only survivor left to tell the tale. Anyone else do that? I guess on a normal plane you really don’t see the other passengers unless you take a trip to the bathroom. I just happened to be facing all of them and they were almost within arms reach. Anyway, it was a great, smooth, quick flight.  

I found my way to this amazing space and this is where I sit. 

I have gone through the breakfast buffet twice and have made myself 2 cappuccinos. This is the ESCAPE Room at the Minneapolis Airport. An amazing space for regular non-club card people. Of course you have to pay, but I thought I would splurge today since I will be hanging out here all day until my 4:30 flight to Baltimore. 

They keep bringing out food. I love being fed!

Love fruit. Now I am tired. Hard to believe that I can be sleepy after all of that coffee. The hubs and I got up at 3am in order to get me to the Airport from Grafton. Here are a few more photos and then I have to sign off and do something less taxing on my brain. 

Are you ready to make a commitment to yourself?

empower womenAre you ready to make a commitment to yourself?

During our first Chicks Connect meeting in Lake Oswego, Oregon, I asked the group to introduce themselves and share with us how the group could help them professionally and personally. They had no problem stating their name, describing the type of product or service they provide but then each of the 12 women got stuck. What do you mean personally? One woman shared that we could meet her in the evening for coffee to discuss business. Another woman shared that she needed more referrals for her business, and yet another talked about her interest in finding someone to help her work in her business. They had the hardest time talking about anything except business. No one had ever asked them, “How can we help you personally?” Many women spend the majority of their lives helping others; be it children, extended family, husbands, aging parents, ill relatives, and friends; but when it comes to their personal needs and how to ask for help, they were stumped.

Chicks Connect provides a safe platform for women to share their professional, as well as, personal needs with the group. The community of Chicks is there with a focus on Connecting women, getting them into positive Action- all on a foundation of Love and Support. We want you to be the best YOU, you can be. With a little coaching the women got into the flow of personal versus professional needs and amazing things started to happen.

Click Here to Join the Movement and become a Chick Today!

One Chick discussed some frustration with her teenage son and another Chick said, “Let’s have coffee, mine are in college now and I can totally relate.” The next week they both shared about the lovely time they had together on a “Chick Chat” and the Chick felt super supported and no longer felt alone in her issues with her son. Another Chick stated that she really wanted a running tread mill for her home, but it would need to fold up easily as she didn’t have a lot of room. Another Chick responded, “I have one that you can have, you just have to come and pick it up.” Some of the Chicks wanted to lose weight, one wanted some accountability so that she would read two chapters in a book for pleasure, a few others wanted more social activities and some even to find a life partner. We set out to structure our group so that FUN activities would take place each month. The Fun Chicks were born at this meeting along with the Chick with a Bic. Women are helpful, creative, loving and super smart. Let’s work together to help one another be the best we can be.

Even in business we need to know and practice asking for help, like the Chick who was dealing with computer issues for the last 10 days and she is on her computer for her business as a graphic designer. When she expressed her frustration with her computers, another Chick came to the rescue with a hard drive. There is a lot of power and energy in a group of Connected Chicks working with one another out of love and support.

Are you ready to make a commitment to yourself?

Are you ready to do LIFE at 100%?

Are you ready to boost your business? Your relationships? Your Fun??

If so, what steps are you prepared to take today?

What areas of your life need the most attention?

Where could you use support from other people?

I want you to spend some time thinking about yourself….

We are often so busy worrying about others; doing for others, that we forget what we really even like.

What brings you happiness, fulfillment, joy?

What would you do for a full day if you could plan every minute doing whatever you wanted to do?

What would be the perfect date night?

What charity would you support if you had wealth beyond your wildest dreams?

What would you teach to others?

What other questions would you ask yourself?

Take time to reflect each day and set your plans for the next. Create a gratitude list and remember to be grateful for just being you, right where you are, at this very moment in time.
Chicks Connect can help you to be the best YOU, you can be.

Click Here to Join the Movement and become a Chick Today!
Click Here to learn more about Chicks Connect

Jewel907r (359x600).jpg

Jewels Muller, MA
Chief Chick Chicks Connect


Chicks Connect Website

Chicks Connect West Linn, Oregon

Peek inside our West Linn, OR Chapter by reading their meeting notes. You will get a glimpse as to what Chicks Connect is all about. 
Hello my lovely Caffeinated Chicks!  Yesterday was a great meeting!  Thank you to all of you were able to attend.  For those of you who weren’t, here are a few important things we discussed:

1) Starting next week (Thursday, July 14th), we will be meeting weekly.  We weighed the Pros and Cons of continuing to meet 2-3 times a month or increasing our meetings to every Thursday.  We decided that we love each other so much we want to meet each week!  This will also make it less confusing to remember when we’re meeting, easier to invite others, and allow us to always at least touch on the weekly activities.

2) I offered to create Dear Potential Chick letters (to describe what Chicks is all about) and Chicks Connect Bookmarks for each of you who would like to be able to invite new members to the group.  If you would like some of these materials, just send me a PM with your preferred phone number, email address, and Chicks Connect Affiliate Link.  That way I can print the info on labels and give you a sheet and some bookmarks. (Julie Muller, is there any way I could get another stack of bookmarks to distribute to our members so we can try to grow our chapter? I’m running low!!!)

3) Next week Ali Davidson, our Fun Chick, will be leading us in a brainstorm of what kind of fun things we would like to do outside of our meetings.  Start thinking about ways we can continue to build our community and strengthen our relationships by getting out of the Café and enjoying ourselves!

Can’t wait to see you all next Thursday!  Have a lovely weekend and don’t forget to treat yourself to something decadent, relaxing, or creative before we meet again!  Like we discussed yesterday, making the space in our days to fulfill desires, honor self-care, and create something beautiful can lead to the inspiration and productivity that will allow us to thrive in our businesses.  Treat yourself like the Queen Chicks that you all are!!!

Love you dearly!


Simple Rules of Home Organization

Organizing Square JewelsSimple Rules of Home Organization

Let’s be honest.

Nobody likes rules.

But the thing is, if you’re serious about home organization, then there are some specific rules you’ll want to follow.

You’ll see how much easier organization will be by taking the following simple steps…

Home Organizing Rule #1:

“Touch it Once!”

This is a form of procrastination and it causes piles because something is being put off until later. It could be a little laziness, but more often it’s due to lack of time.

The thing is, this rule will save you time.

For everything you put off until later, you’re touching it twice when it should be just once. You (or someone you live with) is procrastinating and putting things off until later.


To save a couple of seconds today, you’re wasting five minutes tomorrow.

For example…

You come home, throw the shirt on the bed because you’re going to hang it up or throw it in the laundry basket later.

Or you shove it on a shelf in the closet and will hang it later.

No good.

This is two steps when it should be one. Common sense? Of course.

But few practice this simple rule of home organizing.

Touch it once. The coffee cup goes in the dishwasher, not on the counter and into the dishwasher later.

The mail coming in the house should be dealt with immediately…not added to a pile where you touch it more than once for no reason at all other than procrastination.

Home Organizing Rule #2:

Keep things together that belong together.

Sweaters with sweaters. Shirts with shirts. One shelf for snacks and a shelf for cans.

Take a look around a fancy clothing store.

They’re designed to help you (the customer) find exactly what you need.

Wouldn’t it be nice to find whatever it is you’re looking for in a matter of seconds?

Same goes for a grocery store. If these shelves weren’t organized, these stores would go broke because nobody would be able to find a thing.

Home Organizing Rule #3 – Organize ONLY one space at a time.

Work on one small space at a time in set increments and try and do it every single day. It might only be for fifteen or twenty minutes, but the key is to get something organized everyday and make it consistent.

If you try and tackle too much at once, you won’t get done because of an already hectic schedule. Incomplete tasks are discouraging and you might just give up.

The smaller the task, the easier to complete

And the better you’ll feel.

Often organizing something as small as a junk drawer or even your wallet can give you the boost in motivation to “step it up” into a bigger project.

If you have to do the junk drawer over a two day period, big deal.

Take two days to do it.

Getting it done is the key.

One small step at a time.

My Husband was Right. Did I Say That? ~ Jewels Muller

TJ and JewelsMy Husband was Right. Did I Say That?


Let me back up. OK, for the last week or so I have been anxiously awaiting the start of  Online High School for the boys. Not Homeschool but Online School. They will be at Home doing Online work with virtual teachers. I knew that I would have to clear my schedule, have all of my work completed ahead of time, and be prepared to set them up for success. What does that mean exactly? Well, I would have to make sure that their computers were in working order, that they could log in with the appropriate information, that they knew how to retrieve their emails, and I would have to read over each syllabus with them to make sure that they know exactly what to do and how to do it. We needed to do everything right! (Yes, this is a problem area for me, LOL)

So, my comment to my husband yesterday was,

“Oh boy, we are going to have a lot to do tomorrow! 7 classes, different teachers, all of these expectations. It is going to be a lot!” Maybe I was fishing for some empathy or perhaps a compliment like,

“You will all do great! No worries, you got this!”

I think what I got was the complete opposite. Not at all what I expected to hear. Something like,

“This is not YOUR school. This is NOT for you to succeed or fail. What kid do you know that has their parents show up on the first day of 9th grade to help them turn the pages of the book or open their lockers?”

Like I said, not what I was expecting…. so, in my defense I argued,

“But I want to set them up for success! I want to make sure they know what they are doing and have everything they need!”

His response,

“If you are always setting them up for success, how are they going to learn how to set themselves up for success!”

Uggh….. That was the kicker. He was RIGHT! I am tearing up now, just posting this. He is so right. He went on to say that my job could be to make sure they have a healthy breakfast and to be there when they have questions, but I don’t need to orchestrate the entire experience for them, schedule their time, and  sharpen their pencils. They have a homeroom teacher, a math tutor available 8 hours everyday, and a teacher in every subject.

The part that made me the most anxious over the last week or so, was thinking of trying to get them to do what I say. I was envisioning the endless arguments. What my husband did was give me the greatest gift of all. Permission to be Mom not drill sergeant. I am no longer their Homeschool teacher. I am their MOM! This may sound silly to some of you and others may have been in my shoes. Some may be thinking… yes, set them up for success the poor babies. Some may be thinking, thank goodness that husband said something.

I feel/felt responsible. Now I know that it is up to them to succeed or fail. Of course I want them to succeed. This is still very difficult for me but I am staying out of it. I am saying things like,

“Email your teacher and ask her.”

“I don’t know. What do you think?”

I am still struggling with the notion that they don’t need me and that somehow I am responsible but I know this is what is best for all of us. I felt such relief after I digested what my husband was saying. I was making myself anxious. These boys are completely capable. Why do I still want to “Mother” them even though they are 14 years old?

Boys downtown IndyI think this is worse than taking them to the first day of Kindergarten. I mean, it is all good. I am just a little sad. I know it isn’t all or nothing. I just need to adjust, transition, and change my role a bit.  I love these two with all of my heart. My husband scored a few extra points yesterday as well. I am blessed beyond words. I will find my place again.

Jewels Muller HeadshotI will correct and continue! I am a warrior! AHO!

Jewels Muller