Jewels Muller ~ Weekly Schedule


Jewels Muller ~ Weekly Schedule

I have started a schedule where I am blocking my days and my times to help me focus and stay productive. In case you are interested here is what I am doing. This is in complete DRAFT form as I am working through the process and I want to make sure that I am focusing on what is important in my life and business. Of course there are other things that happen on each of these days; meetings, coaching clients, calls, interviews, etc but if I find myself getting off task I will open up the file folder for that day and work on those projects. So far so good.

Monday Marketing and Promotion ~

On Mondays I look at what I am promoting for the week and I make sure that I have everything necessary to move forward. Logos, copy, links, etc. I also see who I need to promote. Once I get proficient at this process I will also be able to schedule my posts ahead of time throughout the week using Hootsuite ~ a dashboard for all of your social media posts. I am at a level 1 so far. (Level 4 is the ability to do it all without thinking, quickly and effortlessly. I think level 4 will be me delegating it too. Tee Hee).

Tuesday Money Matters ~  

On Tuesdays I do my accounting and anything that has to do with banking and money. I take a look at each of my money making businesses and update my plan of action for each business. I am currently up to date with all of my accounting and am happy to say that I will be completely prepared for the Accountant on Dec. 31, 2013 for my taxes. I am still a level 1 at this because I am just NOW taking an interest in profit and loss and balance sheets. I have a lot to learn and I am excited to learn how to grow my businesses and to create lasting wealth for my family.

Wednesday Writing ~  

On Wednesdays I focus on writing! I write my Chicks Connect Activity for the following week, I spend time thinking and writing my next Kindle book (I have published 2 so far), I look through the HARO inquiries and respond to the ones that I am qualified, I am working on daily Blog writing but will make sure to at least do Blogs once a week on Wednesdays. I write Intern recommendations and any other testimonials on this day. I believe that I am at a level 1 here as well because I am just starting this process.

Thursday Newsletter and Communications ~  

On Thursdays I write my Chicks Connect Newsletter and my intention is to start publishing my Jewels Muller Newsletter as well. I may create both on the same day but I may send out the Jewels Muller Newsletter on a different day. I start this day with the Chicks Connect Elite Mastermind Support Network on Google Hangout.  This group is dedicated to creating a space for our Chair Chicks to join together and support one another with their Chapter, Business and personal life. I also reach out to potential Joint Venture partners, Affiliate partners, and potential Experts for interviews. I am a level 3 with the Chicks Connect Newsletter but only a level 1 with all of the other tasks on this day.

Friday Relationships ~

On Fridays I mail out our Chicks Connect weekly personal and professional growth and development activity. I look over the communications for the week and send out Cards through my SendOutCards program to those people who are new to the membership, visiting members, Expert interviewees, People who need love and hugs, and a variety of other reasons to connect and build relationships. I spend time thinking of my relationship with myself, my children, my husband, my extended family, my Chicks Connect Community, my mentors, and my extended network. My life is built on my relationships and my gift is connection. It is important that I honor this gift and share it with others. I am at a level 2 in this area and I know that I have the ability to do so much more once I create some systems and routines for success.

Saturday Family Fun ~

On Saturdays I spend extra time discovering fun activities that we can do as a family. I willingly participate in fun activities even if I don’t find them particularly fun.  Hahaha. I have 12 year old boys remember? I am currently at a level 1 with a lot of room for growth!

Sunday Spirituality  and Service ~  

On Sundays I spend my time at our new Church Living Stones. I am also finding out how I may be of service in this community of Reno and I believe that the church will have many options for our family to be involved in giving back to the community through service. I am definitely a level 1 spiritual being. I am just a baby but very willing to grow, learn and serve.

Weekly Finished ~

I simply use this file to put all of the finished files into once I am completed the project or promotion.

So as you can see, I am a newbie… a beginner… always learning always growing. I hope you have found a nugget or some inspiration to create your own schedule! Remember that there are a ton of other things that happen on any one day, but I always have the structure to fall back on if I find myself distracted by Social Media or email. Productivity FIRST!

All my best to YOU!



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