Dinner with the Chicks

I’m having a great time at Dr Emily Letran’s event in Costa Mesa, CA and I am out to dinner with some of the members of Chicks Connect and they are going to introduce themselves.

Hi this is Alesa Flowers, from Henderson, NV and I am The Money Mama.

Hi this is Lila Holley, from Killeen, TX, creator of Camouflage Sisterhood. 

Hey this is Linda Foote, from upstate New York, creator of Fun with Foote. 

We will all be back adding links to these amazing women’s blogs, websites and fanpages so that you can get to know them and follow them for information on sharing your stories with Camouflage Sisterhood information from The Money Mama and information on how to have Fun with Foote through the use of essential oils, Healthy Living techniques, and do it yourself crafts and creations.

Much love,


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