5 Steps to Creating a Content Marketing Strategy

5 Steps to Creating a Content Marketing Strategy

by, Jewels Muller

Have you heard the saying, “Content is King?” The first time I heard this was years ago at a Brendon Burchard event and as soon as he said it, I purchased the domain name, Create Content Now! Creating Content is what I did for years as a teacher so I thought it would be a natural fit for me. That domain and many others sat in my GoDaddy account while life took over. Can anyone relate to that?

A different path was set out for me over the last 6 years as I launched and grew a Women’s Empowerment Movement called Chicks Connect. Creating content is what I do on a weekly basis for this membership group but it was only within the last year that I circled around to teaching others how to create content of their own in this 5-step strategy that I will share with you.

1.      Tribe

2.      Challenges

3.      Content

4.      Action

5.      Results

Tribe – Who is your tribe? Who is it that you are talking to or the tribe you wish to attract? What do you already know about them? What do they have in common? Work on identifying your tribe by describing your ideal client/customer for the tribe. Be very clear and narrow it down as much as possible. Here are some examples:

·        Entrepreneurial Women

o  In the field of Holistic Health

o  In Direct Sales and MLM’s

·        People over 40 who are overweight by at least 20 pounds

·        Pet owners

o  Dog Owners

·        Female leaders who are balancing family and work

·        People who have experienced a traumatic brain injury

·        Couples who love to travel

Challenges – What big challenges do they face? What little challenges do they face? What are the obstacles that keep them stuck? Identify as many challenges as you can possibly think of. Remember, with every challenge there is an opportunity to provide a solution in the form of a product or service.

·        Pet Owners of Dogs – Examples of Challenges

o  Working long hours

o  Busy

o  Not enough time

o  Not enough information

o  Heart is torn

o  Guilt

o  Stressed out

o  Travel too much

o  Neglect

o  Chewed up furniture

o  Biting dog

o  Barking

o  Accidents on the carpet

o  Not taking enough dog walks

o  Shedding

o  Poor behavior with other dogs or animals

o  Poor behavior with people

Content – What do you want your tribe to know? What is important as they navigate through life? Look at your list of challenges and see if some of what you want them to know is a solution for the challenges that you have already listed. Notice the months of the year listed by the topics below. Use this as an example of how to organize your content by months. Each of the subcategories in January can be daily or weekly content. Make subcategories for each of your monthly topics.

Pet Owners of Dogs – Create Content EXAMPLES:

·        Grooming – January (Who and What are my resources – Groomers, Grooming tools, products, services, pet stores, farm supply stores, Amazon (affiliate)! Rescue, books on grooming) Examples of Content subcategories below.

o  The importance of grooming

o  The cost of grooming

o  How to groom your dog yourself

o  What type of shampoo

o  Doggie Hygiene

o  How to cut the nails without hurting your pet

o  The importance of glands

o  Teeth care

o  Safety around oils

o  Type of dogs and necessary grooming

·        Loving my pet – February

·        Exercise- March

·        Nutrition – April

o  5 steps to a healthy pet through nutrition

o  7 simple healthy pet foods

·        Socialization – May

·        Fun with my pet – June

·        Physical Health – July

·        Approved products – August

·        Veterinarians – September

·        New Environments – October

·        New Pets – November

·        Training and commands – December

·        Doggie Day Care – Extra

·        New members to the family – Extra

·        Pet Safety – Extra

o  Foods, Weather, Oils, Toxic Cleaners, Chemicals on the ground

Action – What do you want your tribe to do? Come up with free things all the way to a high-ticket option. Brainstorm a list of possible products, solutions, and other calls to action.

o  Watch my videos – Free

o  Join my Doggie Club – $14 monthly

o  Buy my products – $29 – $7,987

o  Read my book – Free / Amazon $2.99

o  Hire me for training – $85 per hour

o  Read my blogs – Free

o  Send me referrals – Referral Fee of 10%

o  Give me testimonials – gifts to me

o  Reviews on Yelp

o  Like my Fanpage

o  Join my group

o  Book me as a speaker

o  Newsletters

o  Come to my workshop

o  Post your photo on Facebook

o  Attend our Doggie and Mama Spa Retreat – $1597

Results – What will your tribe have or gain because of buying, learning, or joining you? What will they get and how will they feel? You can think of these things in the form of tangible items and intrinsic items. Write down all the results that you can think of and remember to go back to your list of challenges if you need some help coming up with the solutions and results.

o  Peace of Mind knowing their dog is well cared for

o  Healthy diet for their dog

o  Information to make informed decisions about Doggie Day Care

o  Interview questions for the Vet

o  Increased fun, happiness, and unconditional love

o  Intact furniture and shoes

o  Quite home

o  Healthy, happy pet

o  Owners will feel – happy, satisfied, responsible, loved, respectful, proud, confident, calm, content (Go back to their challenges and see if you have met them with your products and services. If not, create another one to solve that challenge. Then list the feeling that they may have because of solving that challenge).

Once you have your content categories for the year, you can chart them in an organized fashion and drill down to the daily details. There is a joy in bringing people together with a common interest for connection, knowledge and making an impact!

How to Create a Content Calendar

editorial calendarHow to Create a Content Calendar

When you want to be effective with your content marketing efforts, it’s important to develop a content calendar. A content calendar will help you plan out the content you will need to create. It will help you publish your content at the right time, in order to promote the events, products, services and information that your audience needs.

The point of creating a content calendar is to ensure that you, as well as those with whom you work, can all be on the same page in regards to content creation for your business. This may include content for your blogs, social media accounts and more. Plus, all of the content needs to go together to get the marketing results that you want.

* Identify the Topics You Need to Cover – Before you get started creating a calendar, you need to know what type of topics you need to cover. It’s important to identify a specific niche and then work from there.

* Know Who Your Audience Is – Understanding your audience is one of the most important things you can do. This will help you with content creation, because you will know what your audience needs to know about your niche in order to decide to make a purchase from you.

* Determine What You Already Have in Terms of Content – Check the inventory you already have regarding content. Update anything that needs updating, and practice good internal linking to bring attention to other content to your audience.

* Make a List of the Products and Services You Want to Promote – What are the products and services you want to promote right now? From that list you should be able to create at least five to ten pieces of content for each product or service.

* Know the Objective of Every Piece of Content – When you create any piece of content, you need to know what the ultimate point is. Is it to get newsletter subscribers? Is it to make a sale? Is it to educate before pitching the product or service?

* Note Launch Dates for New Products, Events or Services – Within the calendar, note the launch dates of any new products or services that you plan to promote. This will enable you to work backwards into the calendar to push out content at the right time.

* Make a Spreadsheet with Logical Headings – You’re going to want your spreadsheet to make sense and include logical headings like article title, assigned to, draft due date, objective, promotion, keywords and so forth. Leave a space for anything you want to track, including social media networks and so on.

* Track Everything – Within your spreadsheet, leave a space for tracking the results of your content marketing efforts. What you track will be what is successful.

There are some awesome tools that you can use such as Google Drive’s Google Docs to set up the spreadsheet that everyone works from. If you want to take that a step further, you can use something like Kapost.com if you have a high volume of content needs.

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Linking Methods for Affiliate Marketing Programs

Linking Methods for Affiliate Marketing Programs

If you’re a small business owner, an affiliate marketing program is a fantastic opportunity to make a lot of money without having to have a lot of capital or overhead costs. If you have a web page, affiliate marketing is a great way to make quick cash without adding a lot of extra work.

But just because you find a popular webpage to promote your product or the right product to promote on your page, doesn’t mean it’s going to work. In affiliate marketing, it’s all about the link. The kind of link you use and what you link to are going to make all the difference.

Here are the most common methods of linking for affiliate programs:

*Text links. These are a good way to put links on your site because they stand out, but at the same time, still look natural and don’t have the appearance of an ad. When you have a related word in your text, like Women Mastermind Group, just embed a link in the word to a product or website. But if you overload your text with links, it will become unreadable or just annoying.

*Banner Links. These are ads that are usually at the top or side of the page. They can be plain, but are often catchy to try to get the attention of the reader. If you are an Amazon Affiliate you can post Text Links and/or Banner Links like this…

Just remember that people who surf the internet a lot see hundreds of banners in a day and ignore pretty much all of them. If you’re going to make advertisement banners, make something that’s going to stand out and get you noticed. The more clever and unique, the better.

*Search Box. Most people are familiar with search boxes embedded in a website that will do a Google or Yahoo search of the web. You can embed search boxes that will do this type of search, but search a marketer’s webpage instead of the whole internet. That way people can search an affiliate marketer’s website, sometimes without even knowing it. And they can find exactly what they’re looking for, even if the marketer has thousands of products.

Just because they’re linking to an affiliate marketer, doesn’t mean all links are the same. The link depends on what the affiliate and the vendor want. Here are the most common options:

Website main page. This is better if you’re selling services or simply looking for business connections rather than selling specific products.

Specific product. This is a good idea if you have one product that is expected to make high sales and pertains directly to the website it’s linked from.

Vendor Storefront. If a vendor sells a variety of related products, this is a great idea. If there is more variety in the products, you may be better off using a search box instead of a direct link.

Just remember that links aren’t everything; you still need quality products and a popular webpage to make money on sales.

To learn more about our support network of women please visit our site. www.ChicksConnect.com

To become a Chicks Connect Affiliate and earn money sharing the movement visit our site here www.ChicksConnect.com/affiliates



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Why Push Notifications Are Better Than SMS Text Messages

App PhotosWhy Push Notifications Are Better Than SMS Text Messages

Texts and push notifications are so similar that it can be tempting to lump them together and treat them the same way. They both arrive on a user’s mobile device, they both have to fit within tight character limits, but they both have average open rates that are over 90%.

So, why would anyone argue that push notifications are better?

Well, one consideration is cost. Many users do not have unlimited texting plans and will wind up getting charged for each text message you send. This can irritate users and lead them to look at your message negatively. Or, they may opt-out of future messages altogether, which is bad for business.

The same is true on the business end as well. The cost to send out a massive amount of texts is relevant for many businesses, especially small ones, depending upon what service and platform are used to blast out messages. Push notifications, in contrast, are unlimited and totally free when you build and manage your app using FREE MOBILE APP.

App Ad SampleThe opt-in / opt-out dynamic also favors push notifications, when it comes to user attitude. Users have total control over which apps send them notifications, and may even specify which types of notifications they want from each app. Text messages, on the other hand, often come unsolicited. In fact, due to the sale of phone number lists between companies, some users may receive spammy texts from time to time and view SMS as a lower-quality messaging channel.

Push notifications also increase engagement with your app and improve user retention rates. Thus, not only can they help drive activity on the topic of your message, they also help increase the returns you see from your app. Push notifications serve double duty and offer a number of benefits at once.

With FREE MOBILE APP we also enable you to send custom messages to your customers that entice them to come back into your business. For example, you can send a beautifully designed push notification message in seconds offering people 10% off their dinner within the next hour if things are slow during certain business hours.

This not only helps bring in new customers, but can help attract loyal customers back into your establishment. The return on investment here is absolutely staggering for a small business.

When a user gets a push notification, it’s a message from a company they know and want to hear from. And from a business standpoint, the cost couldn’t be lower. Considering their effectiveness and ability to address a number of goals at once, we find push notifications to be just as good as, if not better than, text messages. (Of course, there’s no reason not to employ both in your marketing strategy, but if you can use only one, we know which one we prefer.)
To get started creating an app with free push notifications click here.

Guest Blogger
Linda Shorr


How do you convert an email list?

emailIconHow do you convert an email list?

I really have no idea but I have been paying for Vertical Response for the last 9 or so months and I haven’t been using it at all so TODAY is the day that I send out the email to hopefully draw the list to a new list and connection based on their interests. This is happening LIVE so I have no idea of the results. I will keep you posted if I have any way of knowing what happens from here.

What are you doing to clean up your email list? Share your ideas in the comments below and use my email as a template or a booster to get your own lists cleaned up!  Also… I would love to know what you are using for your contacts and email programs. I am sure Vertical Response is great, but I never really gave them a change. I am 100% Infusionsoft now. Please message me if you want more info on Infusionsoft as well.  Hugs for a great day. Below is my email…

Hi Peace of Mind Friends!

Thank you so much for your support of Peace of Mind over the years. I see that some of you connected via my website clear back in 2008. Wow!  Thank you! I wanted to reach out to you today to let you know that I will no longer be using this email service (Vertical Response) which means that I will lose your connection unless you opt into another platform. I want to honor you, your time and your connection by leaving this up to you and not just automatically importing all of your contacts to my new list. Listed below, there are many ways that we can stay connected. Please decide what interests YOU.  I would LOVE to hear from you via email as well. Send me a quick update of what is happening with YOU.

·         I am writing kindle books and often release them for FREE so stay connected via Facebook to see what is new and exciting around organizing. www.Facebook.com/groups/JewelsMuller

·         I launched a Women’s Mastermind Support Network ~ Chicks Connect and would love to have you as a member or an affiliate. For more information and to opt into our newsletter visit www.ChicksConnect.com

·         All of my Coaching and Organizing packages along with my new Blog can be found at www.JewelsMuller.com

·         Our family is traveling the US and launching Chicks Connect Chapters Nationwide and you can follow our family at www.MullersInspire.com

·         I am still with the network Marketing Company SendOutCards so feel free to Send a Free card on me at www.PeaceofMindCards.com

·         Here is my personal Facebook if you would just like to remain friends. www.facebook.com/juliemuller9

I hope to hear from you one way or another as this is the last time I will use this email service. Please keep me updated on what is happening with you!

Much love, hugs, happiness and success to you and yours,

Jewels Muller


Hootsuite ~ Dashboard to Organize Social Media Posts ~ Jewels Muller

hootsuite-logoHootsuite ~ Dashboard to Organize Social Media Posts ~ Jewels Muller

Hootsuite is great for organizing your social media posts. You can create a Hootsuite account for free for up to 5 social media platforms. For example: Your facebook profile is 1 profile. Your facebook fanpage is a second profile. Your Google Plus account is your 3rd profile and so on. You can also add your facebook groups to the list of 5.

Once you go over 5 for your account you will need to pay under $10 monthly to have multiple platforms. It is still very affordable and this platform will save you a ton of time and energy.  They have great tutorials and the system itself is really quite easy to you. I hope you give Hootsuite a try for your social media broadcasting.

Comment below if you have any questions.

Try Hootsuite today by clicking here.

Love yourself up and let your brilliance shine!

Jewels Muller, MA

Chief Chick Chicks Connect Mastermind Support Network for Women

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