Promote your Business as a Vendor

Promote your Business as a Vendor

By, Jewels Muller

One way to market your business is to have a vendor booth. First you need to decide if you are interested in traveling or staying in your hometown. If you would rather stay close to home, do some research on the annual events and activities. Find out the costs and procedure for applying for a vendor booth. You can then look into the workshops and trade shows that take place close by. You may also find opportunities at the festivals, music concerts, school, bazaars, and church gatherings.

Take some time to identify the purpose of your vendor booth. Are you selling something tangible? Are you selling an online product or coaching program? Are you promoting upcoming events of your own? Make sure you know what you want to sell and how you will go about selling it. Have everything you need to make the complete sale or a system to follow up as soon as the vendor show is over.

What can you do to attract people to your booth? I have seen giveaways, drawings, candy, contests, samples, free items, swag bags and engaging activities. Do what works best for you and ties in with your business. If you are selling flavored macadamia nuts; having someone walk around with samples is a wonderful way to attract people to your booth. (I know, because I purchased 4 bags the last time I tried a sample.)

Follow up is often ignored but remains to be one of the most important things to ensure success as a vendor. If you gather names and emails for a drawing, make sure to enter them into a system, send out an email notifying everyone as to who won the drawing, and remind them about your products and services.

I find it helpful to have a checklist when preparing for vendor events. I hope you find this helpful as well.

Trade Show Check List

·        Banner

·        Branded items (pens, notepads, chap stick, mugs, calendars, etc)

·        Table Cloths

·      Basket for Drawing for a gift certificate or some other prize (purpose to collect business cards or addresses for sending marketing info to in the future)

·        Tables & Chairs

·        Internet access

·        Credit Card processing (electronic and paper)

·        Clipboard for email newsletter sign up and to schedule complimentary appointments

·        Food and water for workers

·        Tool Kit – First Aid Kit – Mobile Office Kit

·        Flyers and Marketing Materials

·        Business cards and holder

·        Sales Book with photos

·        Products

·        Receipt book

·        Computer

·        Who is your target at this show?

·        How are you different than all of the rest?

·        Unique selling proposition

·        Who is your competition?

·        Signs (Sale, pricing)

·        Will they be trying on anything? If so, MIRROR

·        Extension cord

·        Pens and entry forms if doing a drawing

·        Testimonials

·        Computer scrolling thru the photo shoot

·        Easel to hold things if necessary

·        Camera

·        Notepad or journal

Tour of your Business

Tour of your Business

By, Jewels Muller

Imagine for a moment that your business gave weekly tours to visitors. What key elements would you include on your tour? We have been traveling full-time with our twin boys for over 5 years now, and we love finding businesses that will let us tour their companies. Such establishments like; Zappos in Las Vegas, Infusionsoft in Arizona, Corvette in Bowling Green, Kentucky, and Buck Knives in Post Falls, ID.

I am always thrilled when tour day comes because I have such a heart for innovation and entrepreneurship. I want to know WHY it started and HOW they did it. We toured Buck Knives today.

Think back to the initial question, what key elements would you include on your tour?

Let me point out some of the memorable moments from the tour today and keep these ideas filed away for your own business.

• The tour was advertised with a rack card at the RV park

• The tour was free and it listed the number to phone to reserve your spot

• When making the reservation you speak to a real person who also lets you know the rules of closed toed shoes and arriving 15 minutes early

• She warned us of traffic delays due to construction and let us know she would be excited to see us

• The outside was beautifully landscaped and we stopped to take a picture of the boys by the sign

• We walked through the double doors and saw some examples of taxidermy and a beautiful antler chandelier

• We were greeted by a friendly woman who told us to go back to the store to wait for the tour

• We were welcomed again, asked to read and sign the waivers, and put on our badges

Off to the side of the store was an open door to a cafeteria, we went in and sat at a table waiting for the tour to begin. This is where the disconnect occurred. It looked as though the floor hadn’t been swept in a week or so. It was completely out of character from what we had experienced so far. (This is a reminder to follow the experience through as a customer. What are they seeing?) Maybe we weren’t supposed to be in there or maybe they just had a messy eater at that table, but in either case, we saw it and had a reaction to it. Another question to ask yourself as a business owner is, how are your potential clients feeling and what are they experiencing in your presence or with your product or service?

Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and kept the flow moving while stressing the importance of safety. She told the story of how it began, and what we would be seeing on the manufacturing floor. We went in with protective eye gear, earplugs, and a listening device so we could hear our tour guide. She talked about the materials that make the blade and the handle. She showed us where the custom knives were made and how they can produce up to 1.5 million knives per year with the systems they have in place.

Another aspect of this business made a big impression on me. They warranty their products for life. She showed us a knife that was in a fire, one that had been used to start a car when the vehicle owner lost his keys, and another one where the owner tried to weld on the tip that he had broken off. She explained that each of these knives were replaced for free and if the non-working knife was sentimental, they would send it back with the new one.  What type of warranty program do you have for your products and services?

Take a moment and jot down what the tour of your business would include. Walk your potential customer through the history, the offerings, the value and what the future holds for your company. These tours may be in person or could easily be a tour that you share online via video. Get creative. Take action. Invite others into your business by sharing your story!

5 Steps to Creating a Content Marketing Strategy

5 Steps to Creating a Content Marketing Strategy

by, Jewels Muller

Have you heard the saying, “Content is King?” The first time I heard this was years ago at a Brendon Burchard event and as soon as he said it, I purchased the domain name, Create Content Now! Creating Content is what I did for years as a teacher so I thought it would be a natural fit for me. That domain and many others sat in my GoDaddy account while life took over. Can anyone relate to that?

A different path was set out for me over the last 6 years as I launched and grew a Women’s Empowerment Movement called Chicks Connect. Creating content is what I do on a weekly basis for this membership group but it was only within the last year that I circled around to teaching others how to create content of their own in this 5-step strategy that I will share with you.

1.      Tribe

2.      Challenges

3.      Content

4.      Action

5.      Results

Tribe – Who is your tribe? Who is it that you are talking to or the tribe you wish to attract? What do you already know about them? What do they have in common? Work on identifying your tribe by describing your ideal client/customer for the tribe. Be very clear and narrow it down as much as possible. Here are some examples:

·        Entrepreneurial Women

o  In the field of Holistic Health

o  In Direct Sales and MLM’s

·        People over 40 who are overweight by at least 20 pounds

·        Pet owners

o  Dog Owners

·        Female leaders who are balancing family and work

·        People who have experienced a traumatic brain injury

·        Couples who love to travel

Challenges – What big challenges do they face? What little challenges do they face? What are the obstacles that keep them stuck? Identify as many challenges as you can possibly think of. Remember, with every challenge there is an opportunity to provide a solution in the form of a product or service.

·        Pet Owners of Dogs – Examples of Challenges

o  Working long hours

o  Busy

o  Not enough time

o  Not enough information

o  Heart is torn

o  Guilt

o  Stressed out

o  Travel too much

o  Neglect

o  Chewed up furniture

o  Biting dog

o  Barking

o  Accidents on the carpet

o  Not taking enough dog walks

o  Shedding

o  Poor behavior with other dogs or animals

o  Poor behavior with people

Content – What do you want your tribe to know? What is important as they navigate through life? Look at your list of challenges and see if some of what you want them to know is a solution for the challenges that you have already listed. Notice the months of the year listed by the topics below. Use this as an example of how to organize your content by months. Each of the subcategories in January can be daily or weekly content. Make subcategories for each of your monthly topics.

Pet Owners of Dogs – Create Content EXAMPLES:

·        Grooming – January (Who and What are my resources – Groomers, Grooming tools, products, services, pet stores, farm supply stores, Amazon (affiliate)! Rescue, books on grooming) Examples of Content subcategories below.

o  The importance of grooming

o  The cost of grooming

o  How to groom your dog yourself

o  What type of shampoo

o  Doggie Hygiene

o  How to cut the nails without hurting your pet

o  The importance of glands

o  Teeth care

o  Safety around oils

o  Type of dogs and necessary grooming

·        Loving my pet – February

·        Exercise- March

·        Nutrition – April

o  5 steps to a healthy pet through nutrition

o  7 simple healthy pet foods

·        Socialization – May

·        Fun with my pet – June

·        Physical Health – July

·        Approved products – August

·        Veterinarians – September

·        New Environments – October

·        New Pets – November

·        Training and commands – December

·        Doggie Day Care – Extra

·        New members to the family – Extra

·        Pet Safety – Extra

o  Foods, Weather, Oils, Toxic Cleaners, Chemicals on the ground

Action – What do you want your tribe to do? Come up with free things all the way to a high-ticket option. Brainstorm a list of possible products, solutions, and other calls to action.

o  Watch my videos – Free

o  Join my Doggie Club – $14 monthly

o  Buy my products – $29 – $7,987

o  Read my book – Free / Amazon $2.99

o  Hire me for training – $85 per hour

o  Read my blogs – Free

o  Send me referrals – Referral Fee of 10%

o  Give me testimonials – gifts to me

o  Reviews on Yelp

o  Like my Fanpage

o  Join my group

o  Book me as a speaker

o  Newsletters

o  Come to my workshop

o  Post your photo on Facebook

o  Attend our Doggie and Mama Spa Retreat – $1597

Results – What will your tribe have or gain because of buying, learning, or joining you? What will they get and how will they feel? You can think of these things in the form of tangible items and intrinsic items. Write down all the results that you can think of and remember to go back to your list of challenges if you need some help coming up with the solutions and results.

o  Peace of Mind knowing their dog is well cared for

o  Healthy diet for their dog

o  Information to make informed decisions about Doggie Day Care

o  Interview questions for the Vet

o  Increased fun, happiness, and unconditional love

o  Intact furniture and shoes

o  Quite home

o  Healthy, happy pet

o  Owners will feel – happy, satisfied, responsible, loved, respectful, proud, confident, calm, content (Go back to their challenges and see if you have met them with your products and services. If not, create another one to solve that challenge. Then list the feeling that they may have because of solving that challenge).

Once you have your content categories for the year, you can chart them in an organized fashion and drill down to the daily details. There is a joy in bringing people together with a common interest for connection, knowledge and making an impact!

Balance Work and Life During the Holidays

Holiday CCBalancing Work and Life During the Holidays



Preparation + Schedule + Self Care = Balance and enjoyment during the holiday season

The stores are ready to sell you items months in advance but are you ready to start planning that early? If you were to follow their lead and prepare yourself for a fun and enjoyable holiday season you would need to follow these simple tips.

  • Prepare by using an organized system year after year for gifts and card sending. By creating a gift giving template or spreadsheet with the headers Name/Gift 2015/Gift 2016/etc. you can list the people you need to buy for and what you purchased them year after year. For your Holiday card you could use the system that I use, SendOutCards. The system keeps your contacts in a group; Holiday Card, and you simply create your 2015 Holiday card with photos and text and select the group to send it to and the company will print, stuff, stamp, and mail it to all of your contacts in that group!
  • Schedule your parties and events on your calendar and include the address and what you are bringing and wearing to the event. Saturday morning of each week, while enjoying a cup of coffee, look over the upcoming week and make sure your outfits and accessories are all set to go and add any items to your weekly shopping list so you are prepared with the gifts and necessary meals.
  • Self Care ~ What do you need to do for yourself in order to stay happy and healthy during the overwhelming holiday season? Make a list of your favorite healthy foods, purchase some bubble bath, your favorite tea, schedule time for exercise and meditation, coffee and lunch with girlfriends, and make sure to have a couple of your favorite movies on hand. Do what you need to do to nurture yourself during this time.

Jewels Muller, wife, mother of twins, full time traveler, CEO and Founder of Chicks Connect Mastermind Support Network Connecting women globally in Action, Accountability, Personal and Professional growth and development all built on a foundation of Love, Fun, Friendship, Service and Support!

How to Create a Content Calendar

editorial calendarHow to Create a Content Calendar

When you want to be effective with your content marketing efforts, it’s important to develop a content calendar. A content calendar will help you plan out the content you will need to create. It will help you publish your content at the right time, in order to promote the events, products, services and information that your audience needs.

The point of creating a content calendar is to ensure that you, as well as those with whom you work, can all be on the same page in regards to content creation for your business. This may include content for your blogs, social media accounts and more. Plus, all of the content needs to go together to get the marketing results that you want.

* Identify the Topics You Need to Cover – Before you get started creating a calendar, you need to know what type of topics you need to cover. It’s important to identify a specific niche and then work from there.

* Know Who Your Audience Is – Understanding your audience is one of the most important things you can do. This will help you with content creation, because you will know what your audience needs to know about your niche in order to decide to make a purchase from you.

* Determine What You Already Have in Terms of Content – Check the inventory you already have regarding content. Update anything that needs updating, and practice good internal linking to bring attention to other content to your audience.

* Make a List of the Products and Services You Want to Promote – What are the products and services you want to promote right now? From that list you should be able to create at least five to ten pieces of content for each product or service.

* Know the Objective of Every Piece of Content – When you create any piece of content, you need to know what the ultimate point is. Is it to get newsletter subscribers? Is it to make a sale? Is it to educate before pitching the product or service?

* Note Launch Dates for New Products, Events or Services – Within the calendar, note the launch dates of any new products or services that you plan to promote. This will enable you to work backwards into the calendar to push out content at the right time.

* Make a Spreadsheet with Logical Headings – You’re going to want your spreadsheet to make sense and include logical headings like article title, assigned to, draft due date, objective, promotion, keywords and so forth. Leave a space for anything you want to track, including social media networks and so on.

* Track Everything – Within your spreadsheet, leave a space for tracking the results of your content marketing efforts. What you track will be what is successful.

There are some awesome tools that you can use such as Google Drive’s Google Docs to set up the spreadsheet that everyone works from. If you want to take that a step further, you can use something like if you have a high volume of content needs.

Jewels Muller HeadshotJewels Muller ~ CEO Chicks Connect Mastermind Support Network

541 390-9873

How to Make the Most of your Membership

Jewels Muller HeadshotHow to Make the Most of Your Membership

When you join a membership it’s imperative to find a way to make the most of your membership. When you spend money on something, you need to do so with a business mindset of how much your return on investment will be, and how you will ensure that you do get that ROI you believed you would get.

* Join the Right Membership – Joining just any membership is not going to work to help you expand your business or your knowledge. You need to be choosy about which memberships you join based on the results that you want.

* Read the Materials Provided – Every membership provides some sort of welcome material, plus a newsletter of some kind. Make sure that you read all the information, because you never know when an opportunity will occur that you want to take advantage of.

* Take Advantage of Any Opportunities – Often members and the group will have opportunities that enable you to show what you can do. Even if you have to do some things free or for a discount, it can help you get the word out. Go to educational events; even if you know the information, you never know what can happen.

* Volunteer – When you join a group you need to be willing to volunteer your time toward the efforts of the group. This is why it’s imperative that it’s the right membership so that their goals align with your own values and goals. Take the time to join in with the group and do your time as leader, or host, or take part in the charity work that the membership does.

* Get Involved – Outside of volunteering, when you show up at a meeting, offer your thoughts and opinions. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and get involved, because there are likely other people who are thinking about the same things you bring up.

* Go to Every Meeting – Of course things happen, but it’s important to make the time to go to the meetings because that’s where the relationship building happens. Sure, it’s nice to get a link back to your website as a member, but without the relationships to back it up, it’s not going to do very much good.

* Get Prepared before You Go – You want to appear professional at every meeting and interaction with the members of the group. This is how they will judge you in terms of wanting to work with you or recommend you to someone else. Keep in mind that even if the members who show up aren’t the right clients for you, they may know the right clients for you. Set a good impression from day one.

* Give Out Marketing Materials – Get a professional business card made, and even a brochure if it’s relevant to your business. For example, if you’re a graphic designer, you might want some examples of how awesome you are in your brochure.

Chicks_round_logoMemberships are wonderful ways to network with potential new clients and get referrals to new clients, as well as a great way to learn new skills. But, you must choose the right membership to join, and make an effort as an active member to reach your goals.

3 Tips to Even Better Decision Making

Food (360x640)3 Tips to Even Better Decision Making
Being a good decision maker can help you in business and life. It’s been said that highly confident people make decisions clearly and stick to them rather than changing their minds or being indecisive.

And even if decision making doesn’t come naturally to you, it is a skill which can be learned. Here are a few tips to help you:

#1 – Start small. Even making small everyday decisions will help you accomplish the bigger goal. Small decisions such as what food to eat at a restaurant are not to be underestimated. A good way to start is the next time you’re eating out, look at the menu and decide what you’d like to eat. Then put the menu down and don’t change your mind. Don’t ask your companions what they’re having and base your decision on that – make the decision on your own and then stick to it.

Small steps like this can be empowering and help you to tackle the bigger decisions to come in the future.

#2 – Approach decisions logically. Many of us tend to make emotion-based decisions rather than logical ones. In business this can spell disaster. A good way to help you approach decisions in a logical manner may be to write down a list of pros and cons.

Simply grab a sheet of paper and label one side pros and one side cons. Then list all the good and bad points of your choice. Logically think through your comments and then make your decision. This way you can leave emotions out of the equation and concentrate purely on the facts.

#3 – Cut yourself some slack. Making decisions is a skill which can be learned but even pros don’t always make the right choices. Realize that making decisions effectively takes confidence and is a great first step, but your decisions may not always be the right decisions. If you happen to make the wrong decision, give yourself a break and take comfort in the fact that you thought out your decision clearly and logically and made the best choice possible at the time.

Being a good decision maker takes time and practice. However, it’s a worthwhile skill to develop. Making decisions regularly may help build your confidence level and also help people know where they stand with you – two great entrepreneurial qualities. Join the Chicks Connect Movement and connect with other women who will support you in life and business!

Increase Your Productivity! Take a Break

Beaverton Chicks

Increase Your Productivity! Take a Break

Are you working and working but just can’t seem to focus and get stuff done? You might be considering changing careers or even seeing a doctor, but the solution may be much more simple than that – just take a break. Taking short ten minute breaks throughout the day can help you refocus and reenergize so you’re more productive once you get back to work.

Scientists and psychologists have actually done many studies that show how effective breaks can be. In fact, many large businesses have now started adopting break times into the course of the regular day. Employees are actually paid to sit at their desk and read, research topics they enjoy on the Internet, and do other things that interest them. It’s been shown that allowing these breaks actually increases productivity and employee satisfaction enough to compensate for the lost time plus some.

To get the most good out of your breaks, try making your activities something that will help increase production when you return to work, rather than something that simply distracts you. Some great options include aerobic activity or relaxation exercises. They’ll clear your mind, while producing chemicals in your body that will boost concentration when you get back to work.

If physical exercise isn’t your thing, or you just don’t have the chance to do it at work, there are other things you can do to relax and clear your mind so you can get back to work. Meditation or other breathing exercises only take a few minutes, but can help you feel better mentally and physically. Not only does it help you focus, it can also lower your blood pressure and help reduce the physical signs of stress.

The biggest danger in taking breaks is not getting back to work when the break is done. A lot of people will try to skip breaks because they’re afraid they won’t get back to work and the work won’t get done. But when you skip breaks, you can significantly decrease productivity and actually end up getting less work done. The key is setting a time limit to your breaks and sticking to them. If you have trouble, try setting a timer when you take a break, or having someone back you up by making sure you get back to work. As Entrepreneurs we need to help and support one another. I encourage women to join Chicks Connect for added support and education around personal and professional growth and development.

If you’ve been pushing too hard and have reached burnout, a ten minute break just isn’t going to be enough. If you are finding yourself feeling sick, tired, and only ever in a negative mood, especially about work, you are probably burnt out. In this case, you not only need to incorporate short breaks into your day, you also need to alter how and when you work and may even need an extended vacation.

Breaks are an easy and effective way to increase your results and become even more successful with very little effort.

Why Push Notifications Are Better Than SMS Text Messages

App PhotosWhy Push Notifications Are Better Than SMS Text Messages

Texts and push notifications are so similar that it can be tempting to lump them together and treat them the same way. They both arrive on a user’s mobile device, they both have to fit within tight character limits, but they both have average open rates that are over 90%.

So, why would anyone argue that push notifications are better?

Well, one consideration is cost. Many users do not have unlimited texting plans and will wind up getting charged for each text message you send. This can irritate users and lead them to look at your message negatively. Or, they may opt-out of future messages altogether, which is bad for business.

The same is true on the business end as well. The cost to send out a massive amount of texts is relevant for many businesses, especially small ones, depending upon what service and platform are used to blast out messages. Push notifications, in contrast, are unlimited and totally free when you build and manage your app using FREE MOBILE APP.

App Ad SampleThe opt-in / opt-out dynamic also favors push notifications, when it comes to user attitude. Users have total control over which apps send them notifications, and may even specify which types of notifications they want from each app. Text messages, on the other hand, often come unsolicited. In fact, due to the sale of phone number lists between companies, some users may receive spammy texts from time to time and view SMS as a lower-quality messaging channel.

Push notifications also increase engagement with your app and improve user retention rates. Thus, not only can they help drive activity on the topic of your message, they also help increase the returns you see from your app. Push notifications serve double duty and offer a number of benefits at once.

With FREE MOBILE APP we also enable you to send custom messages to your customers that entice them to come back into your business. For example, you can send a beautifully designed push notification message in seconds offering people 10% off their dinner within the next hour if things are slow during certain business hours.

This not only helps bring in new customers, but can help attract loyal customers back into your establishment. The return on investment here is absolutely staggering for a small business.

When a user gets a push notification, it’s a message from a company they know and want to hear from. And from a business standpoint, the cost couldn’t be lower. Considering their effectiveness and ability to address a number of goals at once, we find push notifications to be just as good as, if not better than, text messages. (Of course, there’s no reason not to employ both in your marketing strategy, but if you can use only one, we know which one we prefer.)
To get started creating an app with free push notifications click here.

Guest Blogger
Linda Shorr


Jewels Muller ~ Weekly Schedule


Jewels Muller ~ Weekly Schedule

I have started a schedule where I am blocking my days and my times to help me focus and stay productive. In case you are interested here is what I am doing. This is in complete DRAFT form as I am working through the process and I want to make sure that I am focusing on what is important in my life and business. Of course there are other things that happen on each of these days; meetings, coaching clients, calls, interviews, etc but if I find myself getting off task I will open up the file folder for that day and work on those projects. So far so good.

Monday Marketing and Promotion ~

On Mondays I look at what I am promoting for the week and I make sure that I have everything necessary to move forward. Logos, copy, links, etc. I also see who I need to promote. Once I get proficient at this process I will also be able to schedule my posts ahead of time throughout the week using Hootsuite ~ a dashboard for all of your social media posts. I am at a level 1 so far. (Level 4 is the ability to do it all without thinking, quickly and effortlessly. I think level 4 will be me delegating it too. Tee Hee).

Tuesday Money Matters ~  

On Tuesdays I do my accounting and anything that has to do with banking and money. I take a look at each of my money making businesses and update my plan of action for each business. I am currently up to date with all of my accounting and am happy to say that I will be completely prepared for the Accountant on Dec. 31, 2013 for my taxes. I am still a level 1 at this because I am just NOW taking an interest in profit and loss and balance sheets. I have a lot to learn and I am excited to learn how to grow my businesses and to create lasting wealth for my family.

Wednesday Writing ~  

On Wednesdays I focus on writing! I write my Chicks Connect Activity for the following week, I spend time thinking and writing my next Kindle book (I have published 2 so far), I look through the HARO inquiries and respond to the ones that I am qualified, I am working on daily Blog writing but will make sure to at least do Blogs once a week on Wednesdays. I write Intern recommendations and any other testimonials on this day. I believe that I am at a level 1 here as well because I am just starting this process.

Thursday Newsletter and Communications ~  

On Thursdays I write my Chicks Connect Newsletter and my intention is to start publishing my Jewels Muller Newsletter as well. I may create both on the same day but I may send out the Jewels Muller Newsletter on a different day. I start this day with the Chicks Connect Elite Mastermind Support Network on Google Hangout.  This group is dedicated to creating a space for our Chair Chicks to join together and support one another with their Chapter, Business and personal life. I also reach out to potential Joint Venture partners, Affiliate partners, and potential Experts for interviews. I am a level 3 with the Chicks Connect Newsletter but only a level 1 with all of the other tasks on this day.

Friday Relationships ~

On Fridays I mail out our Chicks Connect weekly personal and professional growth and development activity. I look over the communications for the week and send out Cards through my SendOutCards program to those people who are new to the membership, visiting members, Expert interviewees, People who need love and hugs, and a variety of other reasons to connect and build relationships. I spend time thinking of my relationship with myself, my children, my husband, my extended family, my Chicks Connect Community, my mentors, and my extended network. My life is built on my relationships and my gift is connection. It is important that I honor this gift and share it with others. I am at a level 2 in this area and I know that I have the ability to do so much more once I create some systems and routines for success.

Saturday Family Fun ~

On Saturdays I spend extra time discovering fun activities that we can do as a family. I willingly participate in fun activities even if I don’t find them particularly fun.  Hahaha. I have 12 year old boys remember? I am currently at a level 1 with a lot of room for growth!

Sunday Spirituality  and Service ~  

On Sundays I spend my time at our new Church Living Stones. I am also finding out how I may be of service in this community of Reno and I believe that the church will have many options for our family to be involved in giving back to the community through service. I am definitely a level 1 spiritual being. I am just a baby but very willing to grow, learn and serve.

Weekly Finished ~

I simply use this file to put all of the finished files into once I am completed the project or promotion.

So as you can see, I am a newbie… a beginner… always learning always growing. I hope you have found a nugget or some inspiration to create your own schedule! Remember that there are a ton of other things that happen on any one day, but I always have the structure to fall back on if I find myself distracted by Social Media or email. Productivity FIRST!

All my best to YOU!



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