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Promote your Business as a Vendor

Promote your Business as a Vendor By, Jewels Muller One way to market your business is to have a vendor booth. First you need to decide if you are interested in traveling or staying in your hometown. If you would rather stay close to home, do some research on the annual events and activities. Find […]

What is your Culture?

What is your Culture? By, Jewels Muller I used to cry when the cultural groups would come to the Elementary School where I was a teacher. The Native Americans would put on an assembly to teach us about their culture. A group from Africa would come and dance and play drums. Another one from Mexico […]

Tour of your Business

Tour of your Business By, Jewels Muller Imagine for a moment that your business gave weekly tours to visitors. What key elements would you include on your tour? We have been traveling full-time with our twin boys for over 5 years now, and we love finding businesses that will let us tour their companies. Such […]

The Beauty in Flowers that Warms My Heart

Every few years we are blessed by my inlaws who invite us to join them in Kona, Hawaii. There are many things that I really love. 1. Being warm 2. Swimming in the ocean 3. Being with family 4. The vibrant colors and fragrant flowers I snapped some photos today that I want to share. […]

Dinner with the Chicks

I’m having a great time at Dr Emily Letran’s event in Costa Mesa, CA and I am out to dinner with some of the members of Chicks Connect and they are going to introduce themselves. Hi this is Alesa Flowers, from Henderson, NV and I am The Money Mama. Hi this is Lila Holley, from […]