Promote your Business as a Vendor

Promote your Business as a Vendor

By, Jewels Muller

One way to market your business is to have a vendor booth. First you need to decide if you are interested in traveling or staying in your hometown. If you would rather stay close to home, do some research on the annual events and activities. Find out the costs and procedure for applying for a vendor booth. You can then look into the workshops and trade shows that take place close by. You may also find opportunities at the festivals, music concerts, school, bazaars, and church gatherings.

Take some time to identify the purpose of your vendor booth. Are you selling something tangible? Are you selling an online product or coaching program? Are you promoting upcoming events of your own? Make sure you know what you want to sell and how you will go about selling it. Have everything you need to make the complete sale or a system to follow up as soon as the vendor show is over.

What can you do to attract people to your booth? I have seen giveaways, drawings, candy, contests, samples, free items, swag bags and engaging activities. Do what works best for you and ties in with your business. If you are selling flavored macadamia nuts; having someone walk around with samples is a wonderful way to attract people to your booth. (I know, because I purchased 4 bags the last time I tried a sample.)

Follow up is often ignored but remains to be one of the most important things to ensure success as a vendor. If you gather names and emails for a drawing, make sure to enter them into a system, send out an email notifying everyone as to who won the drawing, and remind them about your products and services.

I find it helpful to have a checklist when preparing for vendor events. I hope you find this helpful as well.

Trade Show Check List

·        Banner

·        Branded items (pens, notepads, chap stick, mugs, calendars, etc)

·        Table Cloths

·      Basket for Drawing for a gift certificate or some other prize (purpose to collect business cards or addresses for sending marketing info to in the future)

·        Tables & Chairs

·        Internet access

·        Credit Card processing (electronic and paper)

·        Clipboard for email newsletter sign up and to schedule complimentary appointments

·        Food and water for workers

·        Tool Kit – First Aid Kit – Mobile Office Kit

·        Flyers and Marketing Materials

·        Business cards and holder

·        Sales Book with photos

·        Products

·        Receipt book

·        Computer

·        Who is your target at this show?

·        How are you different than all of the rest?

·        Unique selling proposition

·        Who is your competition?

·        Signs (Sale, pricing)

·        Will they be trying on anything? If so, MIRROR

·        Extension cord

·        Pens and entry forms if doing a drawing

·        Testimonials

·        Computer scrolling thru the photo shoot

·        Easel to hold things if necessary

·        Camera

·        Notepad or journal

What is your Culture?

What is your Culture?

By, Jewels Muller

I used to cry when the cultural groups would come to the Elementary School where I was a teacher. The Native Americans would put on an assembly to teach us about their culture. A group from Africa would come and dance and play drums. Another one from Mexico would come around Cinco De Mayo in their beautiful cultural dress and would sing and dance in celebration. These assemblies were so wonderful that I would be moved to tears and find myself asking the question, “What is my culture?” “What do I celebrate?” “What are my songs and what are my dances?” I am an American but where do I come from and how do I celebrate? What does it mean to me to be an American? I am part of the American culture.

From a very early age I was taught to respect the American Flag. We honored her. We saluted her. We would not let her touch the ground. We raised her and lowered her at summer camp. We were taught to fold her into a tight triangle. She was placed on the caskets of fallen soldiers and then handed to the widow or widower during the funeral. She was made for us. She was made for Americans. She is the representation of many men and women who fought for our freedom. Died for our freedom. She is beautiful. She is part of my culture as an American. She is part of me. She is my song and dance.

I can remember seeing an angry group from another country burn our precious beautiful flag in a movie I was watching. My heart sank, but I could understand that perhaps they were angry with us and that was how they were lashing out. What I can’t understand for one moment is an American disrespecting our beautiful flag. Although, I can come to understanding when I acknowledge that it is a young person that may not know better who is acting out to get attention. When I find out it is adults who are teaching our youth and who are part of my American culture, it leaves me dumbfounded. It hurts my heart. Why don’t they leave if they disrespect our country and our people who fought for our freedom? The thing that really gets me is this… This is how amazing our country is… You have the right to do it! You have the right to blatantly disrespect our American flag because we LIVE in this great country of America which allows you that right. You have the right to sit when others stand and salute her. It really hurts my heart but it is your right. That is why our America is so beautiful.

Again, I don’t know the answers to all of this but I have the American right of free speech and I wanted to voice my opinion about my culture and my beautiful American flag. It doesn’t matter what color I am or what sex I am. I am an American citizen. I am part of this beautiful “Melting Pot” of a culture which is what we used to call it. We used to embrace the diversity and we were proud to be part of this melting pot. What happened to that? I could learn the dances of other cultures and be exposed to other languages and foods and stories and we were all one among many different people. I LOVE the different people who make up America. I love the individuals who bring their stories, their cultures, their beliefs, their individuality. I am proud of America. I am proud of our American Flag. I will work alongside anyone who is interested in making her even better but to tear her down in the process is not the solution. The question is, “What can I do to serve the American people (be it one or many) and make this country even better?”

Tour of your Business

Tour of your Business

By, Jewels Muller

Imagine for a moment that your business gave weekly tours to visitors. What key elements would you include on your tour? We have been traveling full-time with our twin boys for over 5 years now, and we love finding businesses that will let us tour their companies. Such establishments like; Zappos in Las Vegas, Infusionsoft in Arizona, Corvette in Bowling Green, Kentucky, and Buck Knives in Post Falls, ID.

I am always thrilled when tour day comes because I have such a heart for innovation and entrepreneurship. I want to know WHY it started and HOW they did it. We toured Buck Knives today.

Think back to the initial question, what key elements would you include on your tour?

Let me point out some of the memorable moments from the tour today and keep these ideas filed away for your own business.

• The tour was advertised with a rack card at the RV park

• The tour was free and it listed the number to phone to reserve your spot

• When making the reservation you speak to a real person who also lets you know the rules of closed toed shoes and arriving 15 minutes early

• She warned us of traffic delays due to construction and let us know she would be excited to see us

• The outside was beautifully landscaped and we stopped to take a picture of the boys by the sign

• We walked through the double doors and saw some examples of taxidermy and a beautiful antler chandelier

• We were greeted by a friendly woman who told us to go back to the store to wait for the tour

• We were welcomed again, asked to read and sign the waivers, and put on our badges

Off to the side of the store was an open door to a cafeteria, we went in and sat at a table waiting for the tour to begin. This is where the disconnect occurred. It looked as though the floor hadn’t been swept in a week or so. It was completely out of character from what we had experienced so far. (This is a reminder to follow the experience through as a customer. What are they seeing?) Maybe we weren’t supposed to be in there or maybe they just had a messy eater at that table, but in either case, we saw it and had a reaction to it. Another question to ask yourself as a business owner is, how are your potential clients feeling and what are they experiencing in your presence or with your product or service?

Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and kept the flow moving while stressing the importance of safety. She told the story of how it began, and what we would be seeing on the manufacturing floor. We went in with protective eye gear, earplugs, and a listening device so we could hear our tour guide. She talked about the materials that make the blade and the handle. She showed us where the custom knives were made and how they can produce up to 1.5 million knives per year with the systems they have in place.

Another aspect of this business made a big impression on me. They warranty their products for life. She showed us a knife that was in a fire, one that had been used to start a car when the vehicle owner lost his keys, and another one where the owner tried to weld on the tip that he had broken off. She explained that each of these knives were replaced for free and if the non-working knife was sentimental, they would send it back with the new one.  What type of warranty program do you have for your products and services?

Take a moment and jot down what the tour of your business would include. Walk your potential customer through the history, the offerings, the value and what the future holds for your company. These tours may be in person or could easily be a tour that you share online via video. Get creative. Take action. Invite others into your business by sharing your story!

5 Steps to Creating a Content Marketing Strategy

5 Steps to Creating a Content Marketing Strategy

by, Jewels Muller

Have you heard the saying, “Content is King?” The first time I heard this was years ago at a Brendon Burchard event and as soon as he said it, I purchased the domain name, Create Content Now! Creating Content is what I did for years as a teacher so I thought it would be a natural fit for me. That domain and many others sat in my GoDaddy account while life took over. Can anyone relate to that?

A different path was set out for me over the last 6 years as I launched and grew a Women’s Empowerment Movement called Chicks Connect. Creating content is what I do on a weekly basis for this membership group but it was only within the last year that I circled around to teaching others how to create content of their own in this 5-step strategy that I will share with you.

1.      Tribe

2.      Challenges

3.      Content

4.      Action

5.      Results

Tribe – Who is your tribe? Who is it that you are talking to or the tribe you wish to attract? What do you already know about them? What do they have in common? Work on identifying your tribe by describing your ideal client/customer for the tribe. Be very clear and narrow it down as much as possible. Here are some examples:

·        Entrepreneurial Women

o  In the field of Holistic Health

o  In Direct Sales and MLM’s

·        People over 40 who are overweight by at least 20 pounds

·        Pet owners

o  Dog Owners

·        Female leaders who are balancing family and work

·        People who have experienced a traumatic brain injury

·        Couples who love to travel

Challenges – What big challenges do they face? What little challenges do they face? What are the obstacles that keep them stuck? Identify as many challenges as you can possibly think of. Remember, with every challenge there is an opportunity to provide a solution in the form of a product or service.

·        Pet Owners of Dogs – Examples of Challenges

o  Working long hours

o  Busy

o  Not enough time

o  Not enough information

o  Heart is torn

o  Guilt

o  Stressed out

o  Travel too much

o  Neglect

o  Chewed up furniture

o  Biting dog

o  Barking

o  Accidents on the carpet

o  Not taking enough dog walks

o  Shedding

o  Poor behavior with other dogs or animals

o  Poor behavior with people

Content – What do you want your tribe to know? What is important as they navigate through life? Look at your list of challenges and see if some of what you want them to know is a solution for the challenges that you have already listed. Notice the months of the year listed by the topics below. Use this as an example of how to organize your content by months. Each of the subcategories in January can be daily or weekly content. Make subcategories for each of your monthly topics.

Pet Owners of Dogs – Create Content EXAMPLES:

·        Grooming – January (Who and What are my resources – Groomers, Grooming tools, products, services, pet stores, farm supply stores, Amazon (affiliate)! Rescue, books on grooming) Examples of Content subcategories below.

o  The importance of grooming

o  The cost of grooming

o  How to groom your dog yourself

o  What type of shampoo

o  Doggie Hygiene

o  How to cut the nails without hurting your pet

o  The importance of glands

o  Teeth care

o  Safety around oils

o  Type of dogs and necessary grooming

·        Loving my pet – February

·        Exercise- March

·        Nutrition – April

o  5 steps to a healthy pet through nutrition

o  7 simple healthy pet foods

·        Socialization – May

·        Fun with my pet – June

·        Physical Health – July

·        Approved products – August

·        Veterinarians – September

·        New Environments – October

·        New Pets – November

·        Training and commands – December

·        Doggie Day Care – Extra

·        New members to the family – Extra

·        Pet Safety – Extra

o  Foods, Weather, Oils, Toxic Cleaners, Chemicals on the ground

Action – What do you want your tribe to do? Come up with free things all the way to a high-ticket option. Brainstorm a list of possible products, solutions, and other calls to action.

o  Watch my videos – Free

o  Join my Doggie Club – $14 monthly

o  Buy my products – $29 – $7,987

o  Read my book – Free / Amazon $2.99

o  Hire me for training – $85 per hour

o  Read my blogs – Free

o  Send me referrals – Referral Fee of 10%

o  Give me testimonials – gifts to me

o  Reviews on Yelp

o  Like my Fanpage

o  Join my group

o  Book me as a speaker

o  Newsletters

o  Come to my workshop

o  Post your photo on Facebook

o  Attend our Doggie and Mama Spa Retreat – $1597

Results – What will your tribe have or gain because of buying, learning, or joining you? What will they get and how will they feel? You can think of these things in the form of tangible items and intrinsic items. Write down all the results that you can think of and remember to go back to your list of challenges if you need some help coming up with the solutions and results.

o  Peace of Mind knowing their dog is well cared for

o  Healthy diet for their dog

o  Information to make informed decisions about Doggie Day Care

o  Interview questions for the Vet

o  Increased fun, happiness, and unconditional love

o  Intact furniture and shoes

o  Quite home

o  Healthy, happy pet

o  Owners will feel – happy, satisfied, responsible, loved, respectful, proud, confident, calm, content (Go back to their challenges and see if you have met them with your products and services. If not, create another one to solve that challenge. Then list the feeling that they may have because of solving that challenge).

Once you have your content categories for the year, you can chart them in an organized fashion and drill down to the daily details. There is a joy in bringing people together with a common interest for connection, knowledge and making an impact!