Escape at the Airport

I booked two separate tickets in order to get from Grafton, North Dakota to Baltimore, Maryland. I finished up the first part of the flight by 7:30am from Thief River Falls to Minneapolis. I don’t fly again until 4:30pm. The check out guys at Thief River Falls told me about the ESCAPE Room at the Minneapolis Airport. This is where I am right now. 

I forgot to mention that the first leg of my flight was on an airplane that seats 8. No, I didn’t forget the 0! I was last to board and was in the front seat which faces the other 6 seats, you can imagine the size of this plane. It felt like a Minivan with wings. I was in charge of the in flight food and drinks, which were housed in the drawers right behind my seat. I felt right at home, remembering our first rig that didn’t have slide outs and was 33 feet long. Our rig now is definitely bigger than this airplane. 

The flight crew, a boy girl pair, reminding me somewhat of Doogie Howser, did an amazing job flying this plane and it was one of the smoothest landings that I can remember. After my drink and snack duties, I spent some time making up stories for all of the passengers, should we crash and I be the only survivor left to tell the tale. Anyone else do that? I guess on a normal plane you really don’t see the other passengers unless you take a trip to the bathroom. I just happened to be facing all of them and they were almost within arms reach. Anyway, it was a great, smooth, quick flight.  

I found my way to this amazing space and this is where I sit. 

I have gone through the breakfast buffet twice and have made myself 2 cappuccinos. This is the ESCAPE Room at the Minneapolis Airport. An amazing space for regular non-club card people. Of course you have to pay, but I thought I would splurge today since I will be hanging out here all day until my 4:30 flight to Baltimore. 

They keep bringing out food. I love being fed!

Love fruit. Now I am tired. Hard to believe that I can be sleepy after all of that coffee. The hubs and I got up at 3am in order to get me to the Airport from Grafton. Here are a few more photos and then I have to sign off and do something less taxing on my brain.