Chicks Connect West Linn, Oregon

Peek inside our West Linn, OR Chapter by reading their meeting notes. You will get a glimpse as to what Chicks Connect is all about. 
Hello my lovely Caffeinated Chicks!  Yesterday was a great meeting!  Thank you to all of you were able to attend.  For those of you who weren’t, here are a few important things we discussed:

1) Starting next week (Thursday, July 14th), we will be meeting weekly.  We weighed the Pros and Cons of continuing to meet 2-3 times a month or increasing our meetings to every Thursday.  We decided that we love each other so much we want to meet each week!  This will also make it less confusing to remember when we’re meeting, easier to invite others, and allow us to always at least touch on the weekly activities.

2) I offered to create Dear Potential Chick letters (to describe what Chicks is all about) and Chicks Connect Bookmarks for each of you who would like to be able to invite new members to the group.  If you would like some of these materials, just send me a PM with your preferred phone number, email address, and Chicks Connect Affiliate Link.  That way I can print the info on labels and give you a sheet and some bookmarks. (Julie Muller, is there any way I could get another stack of bookmarks to distribute to our members so we can try to grow our chapter? I’m running low!!!)

3) Next week Ali Davidson, our Fun Chick, will be leading us in a brainstorm of what kind of fun things we would like to do outside of our meetings.  Start thinking about ways we can continue to build our community and strengthen our relationships by getting out of the Café and enjoying ourselves!

Can’t wait to see you all next Thursday!  Have a lovely weekend and don’t forget to treat yourself to something decadent, relaxing, or creative before we meet again!  Like we discussed yesterday, making the space in our days to fulfill desires, honor self-care, and create something beautiful can lead to the inspiration and productivity that will allow us to thrive in our businesses.  Treat yourself like the Queen Chicks that you all are!!!

Love you dearly!