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TJ and JewelsMy Husband was Right. Did I Say That?


Let me back up. OK, for the last week or so I have been anxiously awaiting the start of  Online High School for the boys. Not Homeschool but Online School. They will be at Home doing Online work with virtual teachers. I knew that I would have to clear my schedule, have all of my work completed ahead of time, and be prepared to set them up for success. What does that mean exactly? Well, I would have to make sure that their computers were in working order, that they could log in with the appropriate information, that they knew how to retrieve their emails, and I would have to read over each syllabus with them to make sure that they know exactly what to do and how to do it. We needed to do everything right! (Yes, this is a problem area for me, LOL)

So, my comment to my husband yesterday was,

“Oh boy, we are going to have a lot to do tomorrow! 7 classes, different teachers, all of these expectations. It is going to be a lot!” Maybe I was fishing for some empathy or perhaps a compliment like,

“You will all do great! No worries, you got this!”

I think what I got was the complete opposite. Not at all what I expected to hear. Something like,

“This is not YOUR school. This is NOT for you to succeed or fail. What kid do you know that has their parents show up on the first day of 9th grade to help them turn the pages of the book or open their lockers?”

Like I said, not what I was expecting…. so, in my defense I argued,

“But I want to set them up for success! I want to make sure they know what they are doing and have everything they need!”

His response,

“If you are always setting them up for success, how are they going to learn how to set themselves up for success!”

Uggh….. That was the kicker. He was RIGHT! I am tearing up now, just posting this. He is so right. He went on to say that my job could be to make sure they have a healthy breakfast and to be there when they have questions, but I don’t need to orchestrate the entire experience for them, schedule their time, and  sharpen their pencils. They have a homeroom teacher, a math tutor available 8 hours everyday, and a teacher in every subject.

The part that made me the most anxious over the last week or so, was thinking of trying to get them to do what I say. I was envisioning the endless arguments. What my husband did was give me the greatest gift of all. Permission to be Mom not drill sergeant. I am no longer their Homeschool teacher. I am their MOM! This may sound silly to some of you and others may have been in my shoes. Some may be thinking… yes, set them up for success the poor babies. Some may be thinking, thank goodness that husband said something.

I feel/felt responsible. Now I know that it is up to them to succeed or fail. Of course I want them to succeed. This is still very difficult for me but I am staying out of it. I am saying things like,

“Email your teacher and ask her.”

“I don’t know. What do you think?”

I am still struggling with the notion that they don’t need me and that somehow I am responsible but I know this is what is best for all of us. I felt such relief after I digested what my husband was saying. I was making myself anxious. These boys are completely capable. Why do I still want to “Mother” them even though they are 14 years old?

Boys downtown IndyI think this is worse than taking them to the first day of Kindergarten. I mean, it is all good. I am just a little sad. I know it isn’t all or nothing. I just need to adjust, transition, and change my role a bit.  I love these two with all of my heart. My husband scored a few extra points yesterday as well. I am blessed beyond words. I will find my place again.

Jewels Muller HeadshotI will correct and continue! I am a warrior! AHO!

Jewels Muller

Balance Work and Life During the Holidays

Holiday CCBalancing Work and Life During the Holidays



Preparation + Schedule + Self Care = Balance and enjoyment during the holiday season

The stores are ready to sell you items months in advance but are you ready to start planning that early? If you were to follow their lead and prepare yourself for a fun and enjoyable holiday season you would need to follow these simple tips.

  • Prepare by using an organized system year after year for gifts and card sending. By creating a gift giving template or spreadsheet with the headers Name/Gift 2015/Gift 2016/etc. you can list the people you need to buy for and what you purchased them year after year. For your Holiday card you could use the system that I use, SendOutCards. The system keeps your contacts in a group; Holiday Card, and you simply create your 2015 Holiday card with photos and text and select the group to send it to and the company will print, stuff, stamp, and mail it to all of your contacts in that group!
  • Schedule your parties and events on your calendar and include the address and what you are bringing and wearing to the event. Saturday morning of each week, while enjoying a cup of coffee, look over the upcoming week and make sure your outfits and accessories are all set to go and add any items to your weekly shopping list so you are prepared with the gifts and necessary meals.
  • Self Care ~ What do you need to do for yourself in order to stay happy and healthy during the overwhelming holiday season? Make a list of your favorite healthy foods, purchase some bubble bath, your favorite tea, schedule time for exercise and meditation, coffee and lunch with girlfriends, and make sure to have a couple of your favorite movies on hand. Do what you need to do to nurture yourself during this time.

Jewels Muller, wife, mother of twins, full time traveler, CEO and Founder of Chicks Connect Mastermind Support Network Connecting women globally in Action, Accountability, Personal and Professional growth and development all built on a foundation of Love, Fun, Friendship, Service and Support!

Dare to Know Why….

Yellow padDare to know Why…

I posed this Dare on my Facebook wall this morning to see who was up for the challenge. I also Dare YOU!

“I dare you…. Take 20 minutes today, a pen, and a yellow notepad. Ask yourself Why you are doing what you are doing. Then ask Why again. Keep writing and writing and writing. Keep asking why, deeper why, even deeper why. Do this for at least 20 minutes. I dare you! Let me know if you are up for the dare. I will share my results in my blog later this afternoon. Who’s up for the challenge? I would love to read your results. What action steps will you take from here??”

As promised, here are my results…. Again, I would love to hear yours in the comments or you can send me a PM or post them right in the comments on the Facebook Post by Clicking Here…

During times in my life when I needed support and hope, women were there for me. They listened, held me up, set me straight, and provided a safe place for me to share my feelings. A place where I could be the REAL me. The vulnerable, exposed, and hurt me.

These same women supported me, encourage me to keep doing the next right thing, and celebrated me with each positive growth step I would take.

No jealously, competition, or judgement. Simply unconditional love, support, honesty, and friendship. They truly wanted what was best for me. They wanted me to be the ultimate BEST version of myself.

As I met women in my daily life, I realized that not all women had this loving support. I would hear things like,

“I don’t like other women.”

“I don’t have women friends, they are backstabbing.”

“I can’t trust other women so I mainly hang out with men or stick to myself.”

I was left asking myself, “What do other women do? How do they make it through life without this support, love, and a safe place for them to be real? Who is celebrating these women as they accomplish amazing things every day? Who even notices them?”

My heart would ache for these women. For years I would go on with my own busy life, continuously meeting these women, who upon first meeting me face to face, would open up and share something that they never shared with anyone else. Why me? Why do they feel safe with me? What does all of this mean?

I knew that many of these women didn’t have the support they needed. I knew that many of these women put themselves LAST on the To Do list; if even at all. I knew that many of these women had a voice that wasn’t being heard. I knew that many of these women had a story that needed to be told and they needed a safe place to share that story. I knew that many of these women had gifts that weren’t being shared because they were stuck in fear and lack of confidence. I knew that many of these women needed tools and skills to transition into the new world of computers and felt lost and confused. I knew that many of these women needed to feel loved. I knew that many women needed to be touched with gentle heart to heart hugs.

I knew these women and I later knew that my calling was to provide a space for them to join together in support, safety, growth and celebration of one another. I knew that by providing a structure and a community these women would thrive. These women would be empowered. These women would do amazing things for themselves, their sister chicks, their families, their communities, and the world.

The women of Chicks Connect are confident and they show up in the world  in a Big Way because of the support of their Sister Chicks. Because they have other women Celebrating their success in life and business. Because they are loved, heard, and cared for by their Sister Chicks. This is my Why…. knowing that I can bring this to at least 1 other woman, 10 other women, 1000’s of women, knowing that I could possibly be helping millions of Chicks…..  find love, growth, support, and celebration…..

Well, that is the Why that makes me Cry….

Jewels Muller HeadshotMuch love to all of you and thank you for reading my Why…


Jewels Muller

CEO ChicksConnect

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How to Create a Content Calendar

editorial calendarHow to Create a Content Calendar

When you want to be effective with your content marketing efforts, it’s important to develop a content calendar. A content calendar will help you plan out the content you will need to create. It will help you publish your content at the right time, in order to promote the events, products, services and information that your audience needs.

The point of creating a content calendar is to ensure that you, as well as those with whom you work, can all be on the same page in regards to content creation for your business. This may include content for your blogs, social media accounts and more. Plus, all of the content needs to go together to get the marketing results that you want.

* Identify the Topics You Need to Cover – Before you get started creating a calendar, you need to know what type of topics you need to cover. It’s important to identify a specific niche and then work from there.

* Know Who Your Audience Is – Understanding your audience is one of the most important things you can do. This will help you with content creation, because you will know what your audience needs to know about your niche in order to decide to make a purchase from you.

* Determine What You Already Have in Terms of Content – Check the inventory you already have regarding content. Update anything that needs updating, and practice good internal linking to bring attention to other content to your audience.

* Make a List of the Products and Services You Want to Promote – What are the products and services you want to promote right now? From that list you should be able to create at least five to ten pieces of content for each product or service.

* Know the Objective of Every Piece of Content – When you create any piece of content, you need to know what the ultimate point is. Is it to get newsletter subscribers? Is it to make a sale? Is it to educate before pitching the product or service?

* Note Launch Dates for New Products, Events or Services – Within the calendar, note the launch dates of any new products or services that you plan to promote. This will enable you to work backwards into the calendar to push out content at the right time.

* Make a Spreadsheet with Logical Headings – You’re going to want your spreadsheet to make sense and include logical headings like article title, assigned to, draft due date, objective, promotion, keywords and so forth. Leave a space for anything you want to track, including social media networks and so on.

* Track Everything – Within your spreadsheet, leave a space for tracking the results of your content marketing efforts. What you track will be what is successful.

There are some awesome tools that you can use such as Google Drive’s Google Docs to set up the spreadsheet that everyone works from. If you want to take that a step further, you can use something like if you have a high volume of content needs.

Jewels Muller HeadshotJewels Muller ~ CEO Chicks Connect Mastermind Support Network

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How to Make the Most of your Membership

Jewels Muller HeadshotHow to Make the Most of Your Membership

When you join a membership it’s imperative to find a way to make the most of your membership. When you spend money on something, you need to do so with a business mindset of how much your return on investment will be, and how you will ensure that you do get that ROI you believed you would get.

* Join the Right Membership – Joining just any membership is not going to work to help you expand your business or your knowledge. You need to be choosy about which memberships you join based on the results that you want.

* Read the Materials Provided – Every membership provides some sort of welcome material, plus a newsletter of some kind. Make sure that you read all the information, because you never know when an opportunity will occur that you want to take advantage of.

* Take Advantage of Any Opportunities – Often members and the group will have opportunities that enable you to show what you can do. Even if you have to do some things free or for a discount, it can help you get the word out. Go to educational events; even if you know the information, you never know what can happen.

* Volunteer – When you join a group you need to be willing to volunteer your time toward the efforts of the group. This is why it’s imperative that it’s the right membership so that their goals align with your own values and goals. Take the time to join in with the group and do your time as leader, or host, or take part in the charity work that the membership does.

* Get Involved – Outside of volunteering, when you show up at a meeting, offer your thoughts and opinions. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and get involved, because there are likely other people who are thinking about the same things you bring up.

* Go to Every Meeting – Of course things happen, but it’s important to make the time to go to the meetings because that’s where the relationship building happens. Sure, it’s nice to get a link back to your website as a member, but without the relationships to back it up, it’s not going to do very much good.

* Get Prepared before You Go – You want to appear professional at every meeting and interaction with the members of the group. This is how they will judge you in terms of wanting to work with you or recommend you to someone else. Keep in mind that even if the members who show up aren’t the right clients for you, they may know the right clients for you. Set a good impression from day one.

* Give Out Marketing Materials – Get a professional business card made, and even a brochure if it’s relevant to your business. For example, if you’re a graphic designer, you might want some examples of how awesome you are in your brochure.

Chicks_round_logoMemberships are wonderful ways to network with potential new clients and get referrals to new clients, as well as a great way to learn new skills. But, you must choose the right membership to join, and make an effort as an active member to reach your goals.

Linking Methods for Affiliate Marketing Programs

Linking Methods for Affiliate Marketing Programs

If you’re a small business owner, an affiliate marketing program is a fantastic opportunity to make a lot of money without having to have a lot of capital or overhead costs. If you have a web page, affiliate marketing is a great way to make quick cash without adding a lot of extra work.

But just because you find a popular webpage to promote your product or the right product to promote on your page, doesn’t mean it’s going to work. In affiliate marketing, it’s all about the link. The kind of link you use and what you link to are going to make all the difference.

Here are the most common methods of linking for affiliate programs:

*Text links. These are a good way to put links on your site because they stand out, but at the same time, still look natural and don’t have the appearance of an ad. When you have a related word in your text, like Women Mastermind Group, just embed a link in the word to a product or website. But if you overload your text with links, it will become unreadable or just annoying.

*Banner Links. These are ads that are usually at the top or side of the page. They can be plain, but are often catchy to try to get the attention of the reader. If you are an Amazon Affiliate you can post Text Links and/or Banner Links like this…

Just remember that people who surf the internet a lot see hundreds of banners in a day and ignore pretty much all of them. If you’re going to make advertisement banners, make something that’s going to stand out and get you noticed. The more clever and unique, the better.

*Search Box. Most people are familiar with search boxes embedded in a website that will do a Google or Yahoo search of the web. You can embed search boxes that will do this type of search, but search a marketer’s webpage instead of the whole internet. That way people can search an affiliate marketer’s website, sometimes without even knowing it. And they can find exactly what they’re looking for, even if the marketer has thousands of products.

Just because they’re linking to an affiliate marketer, doesn’t mean all links are the same. The link depends on what the affiliate and the vendor want. Here are the most common options:

Website main page. This is better if you’re selling services or simply looking for business connections rather than selling specific products.

Specific product. This is a good idea if you have one product that is expected to make high sales and pertains directly to the website it’s linked from.

Vendor Storefront. If a vendor sells a variety of related products, this is a great idea. If there is more variety in the products, you may be better off using a search box instead of a direct link.

Just remember that links aren’t everything; you still need quality products and a popular webpage to make money on sales.

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