Wanted! Road Warrior 420

We have wanted to upgrade our Rig since our first winter in Florida, 3 years ago. The Thousand Trails park that we visited had Rigs for sale and I would walk down the path to the Toy Haulers each Saturday and Sunday morning with my cup of coffee and sit on the couch and pretend that it was my home.

Don’t get me wrong, we love our Rig and it has been so great traveling the US in our home on wheels but at some point our twin boys grew a foot or so and we have just outgrown our little Rexhall Aerbus. The boys need their own room. They are teenagers now! They need a bed that is a bed not a bench. I need a place to sit with a table for my computer. Those of you that have been on Hangouts with me or that have seen some of my videos, you know I do my work in the back on my bed. I need a dedicated desk.

So…. we have come to the point where we can afford the payments on a Dually Crew Cab Pick-up Truck and Toy Hauler. The question is???? Will we qualify for a loan? We have been waiting and waiting to hear back from our loan office and he has been out of town. Well, we were all excited today to hear from him, I have called 3 times and have left 2 messages. Finally, I called the main desk and they said he is still out! I am totally happy that he is enjoying some well-deserved time off, but I am so anxious to hear from him!!!!

Instead I have the pictures to look at and continue my dreaming. We have gone from Cyclone to Road Warrior. 390 to 415 to 425 to 420! I have connected with the designer of the Heartland Toy Haulers and have had conversations with him. We are as ready as we will ever be. Now is the time. We stopped by a dealership on our way home from the Hoopfest yesterday so I could take some photos for my vision board. This will be ours…. someday.





What is on your vision board?
Wish us luck!
Much love to all of you.
Jewels Muller

Spokane, Washington Hoopfest June 27-28


We spent the early afternoon in the sweltering heat as spectators of Hoopfest, the city’s three-on-three basketball tournament.


All ages can participate in what is called the largest tournament in the world. More than 7000 teams participate and the streets are transformed into more than 450 basketball courts.


The boys enjoyed a snow cone as we walked through the downtown streets of Spokane, Washington.




Aside from the heat, we had a great day!


Have a super Sunday!

Answer to -I Can’t Post Comments to Facebook From My Samsung Phone

For the last week or so I havent been able to post comments from my phone on Facebook. I have reached out to many of you, hit send, only to have my entire application shut down and return me to my home screen. I thought it may have been the coverage, but other things were working well. I finally Googled the specific question. This is what I found. I hope you find it helpful if you are experiencing the same issues.

“Same issue and just fixed it. Galaxy S5. Found the info in one of the android sites. I apparently signed up for the FB app beta testing which rolled out on 6/18. You have to go to the play store on your phone – to the FB app. Click “read more” scroll to the bottom. If the version is 37.0 whatever dated 6/18, you are in the program. If so, scroll back up and check the links in the paragraphs, there should be one that says to check if you are in the beta program. Click on it. It will allow you to leave the program. You have to uninstall FB, follow the instructions on the page. I waited 2 hours. went back into play store, under “read more”, went to the bottom and the version now available for me was 36.0 something. this is the version you want. I’m reinstalled with the regular version and can once again comment on posts.”

I have Uninstalled and am now waiting for the correct version to be available to me. Hopefully this will work! I will update this post as soon as it is all resolved.

Have a super Sunday!
Jewels Muller

Unplugged in Stehekin, Washington Kayak Adventure


On the third day of our visit to the remote town of Stehekin, Washington we took a guided Kayak tour of Lake Chelan and Weaver Piont. The water was calm and we enjoyed the stability of the two person Kayak.


The views were spectacular and the air was warm and filled with the scent of flowers and new growth.


We stopped by Painted Rock to see the markings from long ago and then made our way back to the dock.


Spending this time with my family was so special. We also enjoyed hiking, amazing food, games, and quality time with my mom, who made this trip possible. More posts to come…


Jewels Muller daughter of Barbara Edmonds

Family of 4 Living Fulltime in an RV


This, and many other scenic views, are our backyard. The USA, as a country, is our home. We embrace and love every square inch of this amazing country.
For the last 3 years our twin boys, dog Harley, and TJ and I have been traveling in a Rexhall Aerbus (320 square feet) and just recently, I realized that this is the longest we have stayed in one home since I left my birth home at age 18.

Yes, I am a nomad. I am a gypsy. I am an explorer. I am a pioneer. I am most comfortable moving. So, for me it all makes sense to live this way.
For years we led a reactive lifestyle. One that our jobs or businesses dictated. In 2006 I became a certified coach with the Life Blueprint institute and realized that I was NOT living on purpose. I was reacting to a life that I had created that was filled with things that I thought I was supposed to do. Things that I thought were important. Ideas and conforming views of others.

During my own self discovery while taking my coaching certification, I realized that I needed to make some serious changes toward Lifestyle Living. I am not sure if I made up that term but I like using it because I created the lifestyle first and then created the financial vehicle to support that lifestyle. Now, I am living on purpose and passion and I couldn’t be happier. I am in alignment with who I am, with what I want for my family, and with where I envision my life moving forward. My life comes first.

I asked my Facebook friends to ask any questions they’d like and told them I would write up Blog posts to address those questions. This is the start of that process. I hope you will join our family on this journey and I hope to be an Inspiration to you.
Much love,
Jewels Muller

MRI Results Great News! – Next Step Genetic Testing

MRI Results Great News! – Next Step Genetic Testing

The Doctor’s Office called a few days ago to let me know that the MRI results were clean! Yippee! They didn’t spot any cancer in my breasts at this time. I still have the pre-cancerous cells (ALH – Atypical Lobular Hyperplasia) but so far, they aren’t doing anything dangerous.

The Doctor would like me to schedule an appointment for Genetic Testing. Apparently there are about 30 identified genes that are linked to breast cancer. Something like 10 years ago, they only knew of 2. So, if they do the genetic testing and I have 1 of the 30 known genes, that means that I will develop Breast Cancer someday. If they don’t see any of the 30 genes on the report it could mean 1 of 2 things.

1 – It could mean that I will never develop breast cancer and I will be fine and dandy.


2 – It could mean that I have a gene that will cause breast cancer that they haven’t identified yet.

So, the story goes…. I am so happy that I am at the early stages of all of this and hopefully it will prove to be nothing at all to worry about. I know that I have prayer warriors out there, medical experts, health and wellness experts and a ton of love and support. It is an amazing feeling knowing that others are thinking of me, caring about me, and including my well-being in their prayers.

CCIC Central Oregon Group ShotSpeaking of support, we just had an event in Central Oregon. Our Chicks Connect Inspiration Celebration and it was well-attended by the most beautiful, heartcentered women around! The love and support I feel ongoing from this group of women is indescribable.

We learned so many things to improve our business and our personal life. We celebrated our successes. We formed friendships. We loved. We laughed. We cried. Thank you to all of you who showed up in a very big way.

Much love to all of you who are reading this and following my journey. We are in the beautiful state of Washington in a town called Leavenworth. More on our time here in the next post!

Love and Hugs to all of you!


MRI and My Beauty Mark

“It is so fun to come home and spend all of my time at the Doctor’s office!” She says sarcastically!

Thursday was the MRI at Good Samaritan Hospital. We arrived a few minutes early to fill out paperwork and I was called right in. A woman introduced herself and showed me to my room to get undressed. She told me to put my hair in a pony tail but she didn’t take time to tell me what was going to happen. I undressed, put the gown on, and took a photo in the mirror. She came back in and told me to lock up my things and take the key.


Out in the hallway, there was a gurney. I think that is what it’s called. She told me to get up on it on my back. I still didn’t know what was going to happen. I was concerned about my rings that were still on my fingers. I had read an article prior about having a MRI and that you needed to remove all metal.  She said that another woman was going to come over and put in an IV. She mentioned that they will fill my veins with a dye through the IV which will help with the reading of the MRI photos.

The woman came and decided on my left arm. She found my giant vein no problem and stuck in the needle. They told me to get up and to come into the room with the MRI machine. I asked about my rings and they took a look and determined that they were precious metal and that they wouldn’t be a problem. (I was hoping that TJ didn’t skimp on a cheap ring)

They handed me earplugs and told me to put them into my ears. They said that it will be very loud. Like a jackhammer! They asked me what type of music I wanted because they would put headphones on me. I opted for the Indigo Girls and Tracy Chapman. They told me to open my gown and to get on the bed face down. The face holder was like that of a massage table. If you have never had a massage, stop reading now and schedule one. YOU deserve it!

Anyway, there was a hole for my face and two holes for my boobs. I am a stomach sleeper so this wasn’t a problem for me.  They told me to have my arms at my sides and that they were going to put an emergency ball in my right hand. The ball is there if I panic and I need to squeeze it. They situated my IV on my left arm, put a warm blanket over me, and then they told me what was going to happen.

They said that there would be groups of minutes where I would need to be very still and that in between these groups of minutes I could clear my throat or take a deep breath. The groups of minutes were anywhere from 1 minute to 7 minutes in length. They said that when the time was over, they would talk to me through a microphone and I could talk back. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to hear me, thus the emergency ball. The total process would take 25 or so minutes.

They were right… it was very loud. I was happy to have the headphones and the music. I concentrated on a meditation statement that I use quite often….

Let God…. Let Go…. Let God…. Let Go…. Let God…. Let Go.

Breathing in and out, in and out, in and out.

Guess what? I loved it! It was so relaxing, aside from the jackhammer. Think about it! I actually was able to stop during the middle of the day, listen to music, have a warm blanket to keep me cozy,  and focus on my breathing, ahhhhhhhh. I didn’t move a muscle. They were very proud of me. I didn’t have to use the emergency ball. I was hoping it would never end. Ok, maybe it wasn’t that great, but I did feel really relaxed. OH… I also kept my eyes closed.  Somewhere in the middle of the procedure they let the dye flow into my veins and it was cold. I could also taste a funny taste in my mouth. That didn’t last long. They said that I might get a headache tomorrow from the dye so to drink a lot of water. No headache for me.

That was my experience and it may be very very different for you depending on which part of your body they are looking at.

Portland ViewAs far as my beauty mark…. I had one on my neck. A dark mole. My father and sister have both had skin cancer so my mom wanted me to go to the Dermatologist. The office is on the 16th floor of OHSU and it was a beautiful day! What a view.

The Doctor looked over my entire body. ENTIRE body, places that are usually covered up even when swimming! She was only concerned with the one on my neck, the one that I call my beauty mark. There wasn’t any time to snap a farewell photo before she came in with knife set in hand. Bye Bye beauty mark! She took the entire thing off and sent it away for testing.

So, now we wait for results. Life doesn’t stop during the waiting. Life is full of Family, Chicks Connect, and Fun!

Thanks for joining me on this journey. I hope to provide some helpful information for those of you who are also on this path. I am so grateful to have so many supporters, friends, and family who love me!



Rexhall Aerbus 1998 M-XL3300 For Sale

Rexhall_Aerbus_1.resizedFOR SALE 1998 Rexhall Aerbus M-XL3300 $16900 FORD Chassis (460 Gas)   UPDATE – Selling 2013 Kia Soul Towed, see bottom of post for link

Here is the quick information from NADA (the pricing guide). Be sure to scroll down to see the additional features not listed on the NADA pricing guide and more pictures! Reach us thru Craigslist Posting: http://bend.craigslist.org/rvs/5121939233.html



If the link above does not work… Here is the NADA table

List Price
Base Price $79,879 $12,550 $15,150
110 Volt – 13,500 BTU (Roof Mount) $125 $150
Furnace (21,000-28,000 BTU) $60 $70
Flushing Toilet/Holding Tank $85 $100
Gas Grill Cook Top $230 $275
Microwave/Convection Combo $80 $95
Refrigerator Side by Side Upgrade $80 $95
Waste Water Holding Tank $85 $100
Water Heater 6 Gallon Gas/Elec w/DSI $70 $85
Air Assisted Suspension $85 $100
Steering Control Sys (Class A) $85 $100
20″ Flatscreen TV $210 $250
32″ Flat Screen TV $405 $490
AM/FM/CD Stereo $60 $75
DVD Player $70 $85
TV Antenna w/Booster $20 $25
5000 Watt Generator $465 $560
Aluminum Wheels (Set of 4) $335 $405
Awning 23′ – 24′ (Each) $215 $260
Battery Chgr. w/Voltage Converter $50 $60
Cabinetry Upgrade (Deluxe) $450 $545
Cruise Control $20 $25
Driver’s Side Door $105 $125
Electric Step (Double) $65 $80
Fiberglass Exterior 31′ and Over $475 $575
LPG Gas/Smoke Detector $25 $30
Luggage Rack and Ladder $25 $30
Mirrors (Power w/Defrost) $55 $65
Outside Shower $20 $25
Shower Enclosure (Glass) $40 $50
Spare Tire and Carrier $25 $30
Tile Upgrade Bathroom/Kitchen $95 $115
Tilt Wheel $25 $30
Trailer Hitch $25 $30
TOTAL PRICE: $79,879 $16,815 $20,285
Priced @ 16900
What is included but not listed above:
2nd roof 13.5k AC
Residential microwave / convection
Corian counter top w/ back splash
Banks transmission module
Gibson power exhaust system
New 6 gallon (propane) hot water heater w/dsi
New 60 amp Progressive Dynamics converter/charger with charge wizard
6 newer tires (less than 6k miles on)
2 newer spares (1 mounted)
2 Deep Cycle House Batteries (1 year old)
RoadMaster Sterling Tow Bar (Wired for Toad)
Built in Air compressor for Braking Module
(also selling our tow car, 1998 Kia Soul… checkout HERE)
Check out Some more pics using the slider below


Let me know if you need more photos