How do you convert an email list?

emailIconHow do you convert an email list?

I really have no idea but I have been paying for Vertical Response for the last 9 or so months and I haven’t been using it at all so TODAY is the day that I send out the email to hopefully draw the list to a new list and connection based on their interests. This is happening LIVE so I have no idea of the results. I will keep you posted if I have any way of knowing what happens from here.

What are you doing to clean up your email list? Share your ideas in the comments below and use my email as a template or a booster to get your own lists cleaned up!  Also… I would love to know what you are using for your contacts and email programs. I am sure Vertical Response is great, but I never really gave them a change. I am 100% Infusionsoft now. Please message me if you want more info on Infusionsoft as well.  Hugs for a great day. Below is my email…

Hi Peace of Mind Friends!

Thank you so much for your support of Peace of Mind over the years. I see that some of you connected via my website clear back in 2008. Wow!  Thank you! I wanted to reach out to you today to let you know that I will no longer be using this email service (Vertical Response) which means that I will lose your connection unless you opt into another platform. I want to honor you, your time and your connection by leaving this up to you and not just automatically importing all of your contacts to my new list. Listed below, there are many ways that we can stay connected. Please decide what interests YOU.  I would LOVE to hear from you via email as well. Send me a quick update of what is happening with YOU.

·         I am writing kindle books and often release them for FREE so stay connected via Facebook to see what is new and exciting around organizing.

·         I launched a Women’s Mastermind Support Network ~ Chicks Connect and would love to have you as a member or an affiliate. For more information and to opt into our newsletter visit

·         All of my Coaching and Organizing packages along with my new Blog can be found at

·         Our family is traveling the US and launching Chicks Connect Chapters Nationwide and you can follow our family at

·         I am still with the network Marketing Company SendOutCards so feel free to Send a Free card on me at

·         Here is my personal Facebook if you would just like to remain friends.

I hope to hear from you one way or another as this is the last time I will use this email service. Please keep me updated on what is happening with you!

Much love, hugs, happiness and success to you and yours,

Jewels Muller

Hootsuite ~ Dashboard to Organize Social Media Posts ~ Jewels Muller

hootsuite-logoHootsuite ~ Dashboard to Organize Social Media Posts ~ Jewels Muller

Hootsuite is great for organizing your social media posts. You can create a Hootsuite account for free for up to 5 social media platforms. For example: Your facebook profile is 1 profile. Your facebook fanpage is a second profile. Your Google Plus account is your 3rd profile and so on. You can also add your facebook groups to the list of 5.

Once you go over 5 for your account you will need to pay under $10 monthly to have multiple platforms. It is still very affordable and this platform will save you a ton of time and energy.  They have great tutorials and the system itself is really quite easy to you. I hope you give Hootsuite a try for your social media broadcasting.

Comment below if you have any questions.

Try Hootsuite today by clicking here.

Love yourself up and let your brilliance shine!

Jewels Muller, MA

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Hubity ~ Video Broadcasting

Business Start-up Advice for Women ~ Jewels Muller

Beaverton ChicksBusiness Start-up Advice for Women ~ Jewels Muller

Follow these three steps as you start your business to ensure success and decrease frustration. You will encounter challenges so make sure that you have these in place so your challenges don’t become stopping points in your progress in reaching your dreams.

1.  Be clear with your vision, mission and values and have a deep passion for what you want to do. This will help you move forward when you encounter challenges along the way.

2.       2.  Always be learning and honing your expertise as well as learning all you can about business development (Sales and Marketing and creating Systems in all areas of your business)

3.       3.  Get connected with a supportive group that will lift you up and help you move forward in your goals for business and life. Chicks Connect is a Mastermind Support Network dedicated to supporting women in personal and professional growth and development all built on a foundation of love, fun, and friendship! Learn more by clicking here.

You may feel frustrated and alone during your start-up venture, but realize that there are many others out there just like you who have feelings just like yours. Stay focused, keep learning, and get connected to the people who will take you to that next level of success.  Have fun along the way as this is a journey of a lifetime and some will never dare to be great, but YOU already have.

Love yourself up and let your brilliance shine!

Jewels Muller, MA

Chicks Connect Mastermind Support Network